Why does my April Etsy Bill go back to January??

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Original Post

I'm being charged a gross amount for stuff that i already paid, i think.

I always do the auto-charge thing.

Shouldn't January have been charged a long time ago? Like, in February or March?
Seems odd that my April bill is comprised of the last 3 months.

It's monthly...right??

I'm confused and want to make sure this isn't a mistake.


Posted at 11:06pm Apr 1, 2007 EDT


Were your previous bills less than $2? You don't get charged if you owe less than $2, I think I saw written once... otherwise Etsy has to spend lots of time collecting really small charges.

Posted at 11:11pm Apr 1, 2007 EDT

No, January was a big month.

There is not February listed anywhere, why would that be?
There should have been a February bill, right?

Posted at 11:14pm Apr 1, 2007 EDT

ya know.....I wondered the same thing.....then when I looked at the "paid" column, I don't see the February one either!

uh.....hmm...maybe I shouldn't have paid to quickly?

Answers anyone?

Posted at 11:18pm Apr 1, 2007 EDT

jessprkle says

yeah, it's kinda crazy. i never click on 'pay now' b/c it says it will autocharge, but obviously, it has never autocharged a thing.

this needs to be fixed. asap,too.

and just a week or so ago i opted to pay my outstanding bill, and it only charged me like, 12 bucks. now i have this really high bill. i don't understand why that wasn't taken out when i last paid?????

Posted at 11:20pm Apr 1, 2007 EDT

Seriously. I'd prefer that they 'auto-charge' me monthly, rather than let it build up for three months and then charge me this large-ish amount that i was unprepared for.

Posted at 11:22pm Apr 1, 2007 EDT

jessprkle says

i totally agree. i thought i was being autocharged, since that's what it says at the bottom, and i've actually only opted to pay by clicking on it once... which was about a week ago.

i don't understand why my balance wasn't higher a week ago?

Posted at 11:24pm Apr 1, 2007 EDT

jessprkle says


looks like the bills were never autocharged in february.

my bill is for my fees accrued through january and march. no february fees are in this bill (that's apparently what i paid about a week ago).

soooo strange. i don't get it.

Posted at 11:27pm Apr 1, 2007 EDT

Hapa says

There has been an issue with Auto-charge.
No autocharges have been happening for the last several months.

But sure to manually pay so that the Etsy folks still get there money.


Posted at 11:29pm Apr 1, 2007 EDT

....now I am wondering why I paid? AND am also wondering if this is happenning due to V2 transition....

............I can also say that this is my BIGGEST bill from Etsy to date!!! and yeah...I choked on the total just a weee bit...lol

Posted at 11:31pm Apr 1, 2007 EDT