If I get invited to one more Arbonne, Pampered Chef, Mary Kay party etc....

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Original Post

I will explode! I've always politely gone in the past, just so as not to disappoint my friend who invited me. But then the hostess would get in my face, order form and pen in hand, writing down my name and address, and asking me what all I would like to order. And then of course they give me the pitch that I should be a consultant too and schedule a date to have a "party" to host and promises me all these fabulous things I'll get from doing it.

I hate them with a passion, I hate sitting there with the consultant telling you that the small group of people showed up only has to order $500 worth of stuff in order for your "friend" to get her great gift.

I hate that I was invited to my friend's house as a "girls night out" and there just so happens to be one of those makeup people there, trying to wrangle me out of the little money I have.

When I turn down an invite and tell them I'm not interested, they tell me how great and wonderful this one is, so much better than the others. I have literally lost friends over this crap, they're my friend one day, total Arbonne stalker the next. Callimg me all the time inviting me to crap.

Ok sorry, had to vent. Anyone have the same feelings I have?!

Posted at 11:04am Apr 2, 2007 EDT


adamsonart says

Just say no!

Posted at 11:05am Apr 2, 2007 EDT

Ditto. I won't go to those parties for that very same reason.

Posted at 11:06am Apr 2, 2007 EDT

Yup, ditto. I hate those parties sooo much!

Posted at 11:09am Apr 2, 2007 EDT

crowjoy says

I was traumatized at a Tupperware party many years ago and have since refused to attend or host any of these parties. Instead I offer to look at the catalog. I make sure the inviter knows this isn't anything personal it's just my policy. So far no hard feelings (that I know of anyway) and very few invitations.

Posted at 11:09am Apr 2, 2007 EDT

burtonwood says

I feel the same way Bumblebee....ack. I don't even get invited to many, but I turn them down unless guaranteed free booze. I last was a candle party...sorry don't put that much emphasis in my monthly candle purchases. Besides I have Etsy...and with a good bottle of wine and my laptop it's way more fun.

Posted at 11:09am Apr 2, 2007 EDT

calobee says


I got roped into one of those things... I won't say which company, but a "friend" talked me into joining her. Selling made me feel dirty... not because the products were bad, but because they were overpriced and I was expected to push them on people who weren't interested. And the meetings were creepy.

Etsy is so much better. :)

Posted at 11:10am Apr 2, 2007 EDT

AbbieRoad says

ugh. My mother in law signed me up for Discovery Toys, to host a party at my house. I'm not sure how I got suckered into it haha.

The lady saw me at a craft show I was doing, she was selling there too (cause Discovery toys are so CRAFTY) and here's the convo, I couldn't follow the logic:

her: "do you have any other kids?"
me: nope, just this one!
her: "well, do you know any other people with kids?"
me: "not really, just this one couple, and they have 2 little ones"
her: "oh, that's great, you should sign up to become a seller, you could probably sell lots of product, and make some great cash!"

umm because I know one other person besides myself with a child, I could make a lot of cash selling toys to her and myself? ya ok.

Posted at 11:10am Apr 2, 2007 EDT

burtonwood says

Also....goes for Avon catalogs @ work and School "carpy warping paper, etc." fund raisers. I'd rather just give money....don't want carp for it.

Posted at 11:12am Apr 2, 2007 EDT

I dislike them also. What cracks me up is when the representative starts the schpiel about becoming a representative yourself and how much money you can make, like 70% of the selling prices as commission. I know right then and there that I am only getting a $6.00 item that they want $20.00 for. Aargh, and my sis just started selling Longaberger.......now I love baskets, but I ususally buy them at garage sales for less than a dollar, so I am afraid I won't be one of her new customers.

Posted at 11:13am Apr 2, 2007 EDT