Etsy User Bill of Rights

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Original Post

We, the users of Etsy, in that we are the ultimate users of the website as both sellers and buyers, and in that we believe in the Spirit of Etsy, do hereby establish this Bill of Rights.

We have the Right to rules that will be adhered to by everyone.

We have the Right to have an Administration that stand behind the rules that they put forth, without wavering, and with one voice that is in total agreement.

We have the Right to have these rules enforced in a uniform manner.

We have the Right to be protected from harassment, stalking, and other illegal forms of coercion that takes place within the confines of the website.

We have the Right to flag abuses of the Spirit of Etsy in any form.

We have the Right to offer our opinions without fear of being blacklisted, either by other users or by the Administration.

We have the Right to be informed of site issues, and when they will be repaired, in a timely manner and with a general timetable.

We have the Right to a website with 100% functionality, or the non-functioning sections will be removed from the public eye.

We have the Right to a 99% or greater uptime and a minimum of slowdowns.



Posted at 4:49pm Apr 4, 2007 EDT


very well constructed martinsville

Posted at 4:53pm Apr 4, 2007 EDT

Yes very well written. :) I like it

Posted at 4:53pm Apr 4, 2007 EDT

We have the Right to offer our opinions without fear of being blacklisted


Well, people will do this no matter what. There are certainly sellers I won't buy from because of what I feel is abusive activity on the forums or site. You don't have to fear it, but it does exist, and there's nothing wrong with it until someone starts trying to recruit others into boycots - then it's just not cool. I won't shop at walmart for certain reasons, and there are other 'real world' places that I refuse to shop at as well. It's the same way here. :)

Posted at 4:56pm Apr 4, 2007 EDT

Peldyn says

wow, how concise and to the point!

Posted at 4:56pm Apr 4, 2007 EDT

nest says

martinsville- thank you for posting this. I believe that this is exactly what we as sellers and buyers need. I know that the admin have listened to our concerns, yet the communication between admin and the end users needs to improve.

Posted at 4:59pm Apr 4, 2007 EDT

re: the 99% uptime - i think admin is well aware that it's in *everyone's* best interest to have the site up and running as well as possible as often as possible. i believe they do everything in their power to keep the site functioning.

so aside from the last bits, i agree. totally.

Posted at 5:02pm Apr 4, 2007 EDT

girlscantell - I added that last bit because I've been told about 10 million times today that I have to delete my cookies on the server upstairs, and multiple other errors up here on my laptop.

That's just unacceptable.

A 99% uptime guarantee is pretty standard for web hosting services.

Posted at 5:08pm Apr 4, 2007 EDT

huh. i didn't know that was 'industry standard', i guess.

overall, thanks for posting.

Posted at 5:10pm Apr 4, 2007 EDT

Gemma, there's a difference between abusive behavior and stating your point of view, and I think we all realize that.

Posted at 5:16pm Apr 4, 2007 EDT