Important news on the DOs & DON'Ts (4/4/07)

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Original Post

Please see the latest blog post for a very important announcement about our new site policies:

Thanks and love,

Posted at 8:00pm Apr 4, 2007 EDT


IrishLuck says

Seems to clarify it much better. Thanks Stella!

Posted at 8:17pm Apr 4, 2007 EDT

Thanks for the update!


Posted at 8:17pm Apr 4, 2007 EDT

supastarr says

thanks for not regulating my grilled cheese intake, and for sifting through all the ugly forum threads to listen to all of us.

Posted at 8:17pm Apr 4, 2007 EDT

Oops, I think I need to amend the D&D, supa.

DO eat as many grilled cheese sandwiches as your heart desires. :)

Posted at 8:18pm Apr 4, 2007 EDT

JaredKS says

They look good. Thanks.

Posted at 8:20pm Apr 4, 2007 EDT

babyjewels says

Awesome- glad the services issues has been decided.

Posted at 8:21pm Apr 4, 2007 EDT

kuriloff says

So, if I understand correctly:

The end is in sight and we have a revised dos and donts document.

BUT, we don't have a completed document.

Am I right or wrong?

Posted at 8:24pm Apr 4, 2007 EDT