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I guess safari 2.0.3 has some strange rendering bugs. :|

If you have any further problems, you can convo me and we'll work 'em out.

Posted at 11:52am Apr 6, 2007 EDT

I have never seen that message either.

Posted at 12:13pm Apr 6, 2007 EDT

"I've never heard of a browser that refuses to ignore HTML comments"

That problem is not new ... Safari has had problems with rendering comments properly.
I saw it on another webpage, and Mac/Safari users told me they could see comments at times.

Posted at 1:21pm Apr 6, 2007 EDT

There are single hyphens between the comments, in the styles. Hyphens within comments have been known to make Safari cringe for some time.

Posted at 1:39pm Apr 6, 2007 EDT

Man, safari is annoying... ;D

Posted at 1:46pm Apr 6, 2007 EDT

Here is the previous thread from several days ago with a screenshot of it -


Posted at 2:41pm Apr 6, 2007 EDT

Hey RD, do you guys have other mysteries hidden within html??? Oh my, I wanna know... but I don't want to read source for ten hours.

Posted at 4:16pm Apr 6, 2007 EDT

They wouldn't be mysteries if I divulged them... ;D

Posted at 4:18pm Apr 6, 2007 EDT


Posted at 4:18pm Apr 6, 2007 EDT

"Here is the previous thread from several days ago with a screenshot of it -




Posted at 1:11pm Apr 8, 2007 EDT