When Someones clearly ripped your idea?

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Original Post

We have got a new shop here but been producing this jewellery and associated flash for a number of years.

There is now another shop on etsy that has clearly and quite blatantly ripped our merch and put cheaper versions out there.

We are not very happy right now cause we work long hours as well as full time jobs trying to bring our unique products to the market.

Anybody had the same problem or similar because we feel rather sad at this happening?

We have copyrighted all of our designs so no one can use them.

Posted at 9:47am Apr 7, 2007 EDT


sorry to hear that. I have a crafter like that at a farmer's market and every week she has her family come and check us out. I mean she copies everything right down to the fabrics. So I am now having to get more of them on line than at the local stores. She even found out what batting I use and now buys it all out so there is none left for me, and I am now having to special order it. I think that you can report them to admin. but not sure. Good luck

Posted at 9:51am Apr 7, 2007 EDT

Dreamwoven says

have you contacted admin? there are avenues you can pursue to get this matter cleared up.

Posted at 9:51am Apr 7, 2007 EDT

here some info.
hope it helps. if this link doesnt work,i found this in terms of use(bottom of page)under important info.

Posted at 9:56am Apr 7, 2007 EDT

poetry3 says

Get a lawyer.

Posted at 10:02am Apr 7, 2007 EDT

Here's one I bet you'll find hard to believe!
Two couples go away for a weekend. We find out about a hat contest (make your own) at the last minute.
So my friend puts together her hat from somethings she has brought with her as well as looking around the hotel.
She takes all these things to her room and comes out with this most unique hat. That night, as we are walking down the stairs to where the contest will be judged.
A lovely lady comes face to face with my friend in the same exact hat! Who had the original idea?
Just thought you'd like to hear the story, even if it seems hard to believe..It happened me! Was it twin consciousness or plagiarism? That's for you to decide!
Of course copyright if you need to, but remember the universe does have a great sense of humor, dont lose yours!

Posted at 10:03am Apr 7, 2007 EDT

This may end up as calling out a shop so you may want to contact admin. at support@etsy.com

Posted at 10:05am Apr 7, 2007 EDT

RobEastman says

It hurts in lots of ways to see your work (in my case, it photographs) show up with another persons credits. So far it hasn't happened to me on Etsy, but I have seen my work appear elsewhere and my embedded credits had been stripped. At least someone thought enough of my work to steal it!


Posted at 10:07am Apr 7, 2007 EDT

Can you clarify what you mean by, "We have copyrighted all of our designs so no one can use them."?

Copyrights usually pertain to intellectual property (like Mickey Mouse), and they are granted automatically. Patents are for inventions (like the cotton gin), and they must be registered with the patent office.

Posted at 10:07am Apr 7, 2007 EDT

stamp says

If you have copyrighted your pieces you need to contact the other person and have them remove their pieces. You should also contact support@etsy.com with proof of this, and get them to remove the items.

Before doing any of this you need to find out how to go about this legally.

Etsy has removed items before, but for large corporations with big legal teams, so good luck getting them to help out your independant company!

Posted at 10:07am Apr 7, 2007 EDT