Using the Etsy Forums to "beg" for money for personal reasons

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Original Post

stamp says

Admin, please read through this and weigh in.

Not on the "who is more deserving?" issues, but on whether or not Etsy is the appropriate place for people to solicit money for personal reasons (other than through selling items in their store).

There is a post by someone saying they read the post as they are thinking of doing the same thing. Do we really want Etsy and the forums to be a place where people join Etsy to post and panhandle for money to offset their various financial issues?

Posted at 2:45pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT


I completely agree. There is so much of this in the forums...I need money for my sick pet, my new car, whatever...

I find it tacky and tasteless. I think it brings down the professionalism that most sellers are trying to portray.

Posted at 2:48pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

castleman says

personally, i think that ALL of the "give me money because..." or "give so-and-so money because..." need to go away. this is a place of business, and while i understand that people here do need money, i really believe that those posts make us all look less professional.

Posted at 2:48pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

merrylake says

TOTALLY agree.

Posted at 2:51pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

threepaws says

Unfortunately, it seems that these work. I'm not weighing in on whether it is moral or not, or even if it's true what they say (sick someone, etc.) cause lord knows I don't trust online stuff a lot - but what I'm saying is people buy into it. People buy from their shops, and at a greatly increased rate when they start "begging" for sales for some personal reason. I hate to say it, but it's going to continue to happen as long as it continues to work.

Posted at 2:54pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

"Do we really want Etsy and the forums to be a place where people join Etsy to post and panhandle for money to offset their various financial issues?"

Hell no.

I dread the moment when people start to ask admin to add tip jar icons linked to one's PayPal to the shops.

Posted at 2:55pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

Understandably you have these concerns, but this is blatant calling out and should have been directed to admin through an email.

Posted at 2:57pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

I think those posts make you (general, not specific!) look less less-professional than other posts I've seen on here that get totally snarky and nasty... when a community rallies around someone that's TRULY in need, such as someone that has a terminal illness/car accident/loses loved one / house foreclosed, etc., that shows that while the sellers may be devoted to their business, they do also have a heart. Yes, minimize or eliminate "frivolous" requests, but when there truly is a need, rally around the needy.


Posted at 2:57pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

castleman says

i think that certain people have "taught" people that begging works. Every other day i read some "i can't sell anything...what's wrong with my stuff" post and then a bunch of people say nice things and someone goes and buys something, and in the end someone feels "better" because they sold something. unfortunately, many of these "i can't sell anything" sellers can't sell anything, (bluntly) because they are not selling anything all that unique or interesting.

by responding to these threads and feeling sorry for people--they learn that begging gets them something. several other people have ended up receiving substantial amounts of money by telling sob stories on the forums. these sob stories may have been true, but later they are back asking for more help. this tells me that they have learned their lesson well...and so have i.

i'm not giving money away. two years ago, my family was a couple weeks from being homeless. i got up and found a job, and started selling used books on ebay. it wasn't exciting, but it paid the bills.

Posted at 3:01pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

Meglio says

I have to say I agree completely that this is not the forum for soliciting donations.

Posted at 3:02pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT