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Original Post

UniqueDeb says

This kind of goes along the lines of the 'begging for money' in the various threads that I have seen.

I was wondering if Etsy could provide a thread just for Donations. This would be a place that people who are legitimately involved with a Charity could post.

This would also help Buyers who wanted to specifically donate and get GREAT items at the same time because it would be all in one spot.

Just a thought

Posted at 3:16pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT


geelizzie says

Personally I would not like to see this. This is a place of business not a place for solicitations to charity regardless of how deserving.
I'm all for a seller donating part of their sales to charity if that is how they would like to help and think it would be fine for them to promote their shop that way, but not in a forum specifically for donations.

Posted at 3:21pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

stamp says

This would only encourage more of the same "begging" threads. There's no control over the promo threads, there will equally be no control over these.

I think it would be a big mistake to officially sanction this.

Posted at 3:25pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

If you're looking to give some of your work away, let me tell ya, the minute you go on your books with your business, you get charities calling every bloody day! I don't know that I need to see a donations page on etsy... I get enough "opportunities" shall we say to donate to many many worthy causes just from being in business.

Posted at 3:28pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

"This would only encourage more of the same "begging" threads."

It would eat up valuable paid-staff resources in addition, to prevent Etsy from morphing into Begsy.

But people could always set up....a blog.

Posted at 3:33pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

UniqueDeb says

I am not condoning begging for money. I personally have an item listed for charity. Yes I am a business and if you research Every big company who is in business does a donation or 'Drive' for a specific charity. It gives the business a chance to give back to their community and it helps the business as well....

That being said - it is a personal decision. I just thought that maybe having it in one place where it can be monitored by admin - instead having it listed in 4 or 5 different threads - would help because then it wouldn't be unsolicited - a buyer or seller would be making a conscious choice to click there or post there and all the other people that didn't want to deal with it wouldn't have too....

As it stands now - EVERYONE has it unsolicited because it is in some many different threads

Posted at 3:35pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

I wouldn't mind a little symbol next to the listings where a portion is being donated to charity. That's what Ebay does. And I kind of like the idea. And I'm talking for a legit charity, not for oneself.

Posted at 3:36pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

Hyena says

there is a street team dedicated to charity, I think.

Last time, on the shoulder of the road was a guy, black, homeless apparently. He was probably begging, but not at the moment we passed by. There was a police man there, and he was arresting the guy. Now, I was wondering, did people report the guy or what? Of course he was such an eyesore. This is disgusting how homeless are treated in here.

So my point is, people blindly give money to an avatar, to someone on internet who beg for money because whatever reason (hell, I have a fabric addiction, I will have trouble paying my vacations, help me please, for the sake of this wonderful community!), and they cannot stand to see an homeless in the street...

It is disgusting and so hypocrite. But well, if people smells bad on internet, it doesn't show doesn't it?

Posted at 3:46pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

luna2005 says

hyena..i think i'd like to hug you.

Posted at 3:51pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

Place of business.

Posted at 4:11pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT