Admin. Is there anyway to put the ETC. forum on a second page

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Original Post

away from the business fora or forums. We could then separate the promotions and critiques into two forums. The etc. forum would then be out of view of the buyers unless they want to click on the "next" page. The topics in that forum can sometimes be sketchy. I know the response will be to stay out of them but they are not all bad but sometimes you think you are going in for one topic and it quickly turns sour. Of course this is just my humble opinion. This way we could still have a "fun" forum but off the "business page".

Posted at 8:47pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT


free2fly says

This is a good idea. :)

Posted at 8:50pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

oh I wasn't expecting anyone to agree. Thanks.

Posted at 8:53pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

i don't mind this idea.

i definitely think it's really sad that critiques have effectively been banished, since they are combined with the very fast moving and very different "promotions" section.

i thought the critiques were really useful, had a wonderful spirit, etc.

Posted at 8:53pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

also, i think it would be nice to have etc. hidden a bit. i am used to etc. now and really enjoy it. i probably spend most of my time there. but i remember when i first started reading it, i was appalled by people's personal confessions. :)

Posted at 8:55pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

I am just getting sick of the "discussions" which pit people against each other. Isn't this against the new dos and don'ts.

Posted at 9:02pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

I like this idea. the Buyers shouldn't have to see some of the Crazy topics that's there sometimes. just my opinion:)

Posted at 9:10pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

Yea Norma!

Posted at 9:10pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

letitiah says

... but people put crazy opinions all over the place in the forums!

... and some buyers like to buy from people with crazy opinions!

... like me.

Posted at 9:14pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

they will still find you. It would just leave more room for business questions.

Posted at 9:16pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT