soliciting money on the forums

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Original Post

castleman says

is this ok...let's not refer to any specific users or situations. i just want to know what people think of the practice of asking for money on the forums.

if someone asks for a different user is that different?

Posted at 9:43pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT


it actually really bugs me. but thats just me.

Posted at 9:45pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

This is better :-)

castleman says:
if someone asks for a different user is that different?

I think it's fine. But if my mom started a post to ask people to give me money, that would not be ok. I don't think. But I don't think it's bad for people to help other people out if they want to.

Posted at 9:48pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

stamp says

Obvioulsy, I think it should not be allowed in any way, shape or form for reasons previously mentioned.

It is getting worse, and it has reached the point where something needs to be done.

Members of Etsy shouldn't be a resource for everyone looking to solicit extra money for themselves, for what ever reason.

We are essentially a captive audience, one that is growing daily.

As admin constantly mention, many more Etsy members read the forums than participate, and I feel strongly that Etsy admin should protect their members from this sort of solicitation.

Posted at 9:49pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

eclipse says

I don't like it, so I just don't read the topics. Doesn't matter if it is the person soliciting for themselves or their friend soliciting for them.

Posted at 9:50pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

stamp says

Oh and no, if someone asks for a different user it's not different. Honeslty, it's the same issue. Just because someone buys or sells on Etsy shouldn't make them a target for any form of solicitaiton.

"Sale of X to pay for Y" in the *Promos* forum are different, but asking every single reader of the forums to donate to your cause is outrageous and should not be allowed.

Posted at 9:51pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

castleman says

i personally, think that asking for money should be a don't. i don't think that others asking for money is much better since there may well be a personal relationship that the people donating don't know about. this happened to me once and disallusioned me.

Posted at 9:51pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

quirke says

Solicitation does not belong in a place of business. Many bricks-and-mortar stores have signs on their windows or door saying "No Solicitors".

Perhaps Etsy needs the same thing.

Posted at 9:52pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

I don't think Etsy is the right place to ask for money.
This is a place to do business.

Posted at 9:55pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT

Straight-out donations, no. But as a promo tool, I don't think anyone can monitor that, and Admins shouldn't have to.

If someone wants to do it, then let them - it only reflects on them, no one else. Any time you do that, you put your professional reputation on the line to get a sale.

So, it's obvious that some people are here as hobbyists and don't have anything to lose, right?

We already have enough rules, and if this was sooo important (which it isn't), then why wasn't it discussed back in March?

I say, so what.

Posted at 9:56pm Apr 9, 2007 EDT