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Original Post

Rokali says

Just a quick note to let everyone know that the Etc. forum is not exempt from the Forum Guidelines, and if you violate them here we may revoke your ability to post on the forums, either temporarily or forever and ever.

We have been super tolerant up till now, and it's curious to to see how this leads to people pushing harder and harder against our guidelines.

Posted at 8:53am Apr 10, 2007 EDT


Help me understand, Rokali. Like the calling out? Subject matter? General snarkyness? I 'm not trying to be a smart-Alec, I just don't really know what's exceptable or not.

Posted at 8:57am Apr 10, 2007 EDT

burtonwood says

forever and ever......that's a long time.

Posted at 9:02am Apr 10, 2007 EDT

SoCaliGirl says

# Do respect and be courteous to your peers and Etsy's Admins.
# Do keep in mind that people of all ages and all walks of life can see Etsy.
# Do use Etsy to improve your life and the lives of others.
# Do unto others as you'd like done unto you.
# Don't be a troll, incite flame wars or be disrespectful of Etsy or other Etsy members.
* Do treat one another with respect and understand that different people have different points of view.
* Do remember that behind every Etsy username is a real person with feelings.
* Do keep in mind that the forum is a permanent and public record directly tied to your Etsy account.
* Do keep your posts on-topic and in the appropriate section of the forums.

* Don't harass, threaten, insult or otherwise flame other members on the forums or in the chat rooms.
* Don't "call out" a specific user by name or with identifiable hints in a negative way.
* Don't use an alternate account (also called a "sock puppet") to post in the forums or chat rooms.

HRM, does that help clear it up?

Posted at 9:11am Apr 10, 2007 EDT

off topic: whoa! the little arrows (prev / next) under the forum pages! is that new?

on topic: yeah. playing nice is... nice.

Posted at 9:14am Apr 10, 2007 EDT

SoCaliGirl says

girlscantell, yeah! I noticed it yesterday, LOL.

Posted at 9:15am Apr 10, 2007 EDT

Rokali says

The DOs and DON'Ts are not in effect until April 22nd. In the meantime please follow the guidelines linked to at the top of the forums.

Posted at 9:19am Apr 10, 2007 EDT

SoCaliGirl says

Awesome! Thanks for clearing that part up.

Posted at 9:27am Apr 10, 2007 EDT

# Don't be a troll, incite flame wars or be disrespectful of Etsy or other Etsy members.

-could you change that part please?-
That is being disrespectful to my art

Posted at 9:34am Apr 10, 2007 EDT

"be disrespectful of Etsy"

What does this mean, exactly? It seems it would be subjective...someone might say that saying anything negative about the site (ie. complaining about slow loading, bugs, how Admin handles things, etc.) would be being "disrespectful".

Rokali can you elaborate on this part?

Posted at 9:34am Apr 10, 2007 EDT