ABC News at the Labs needs YOU...please reply now!

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Original Post

EtsyStore says

Hey guys! ABC news will be here at the Labs this Thursday filming. If you'd like to be a part of this, please email me ASAP at or to this forum thread. You will need to be here at 10am sharp this Thursday for the filming and I need to get a list of names to send to the reporters! This could be a great opportunity to talk about your work, how you use the Labs space and your shop!

We need the list in the next hour.

Thanks in advance,


Posted at 11:02am Apr 10, 2007 EDT


jennalou06 says

dang!!! I'm too far away :(

what a great opportunity!!

Posted at 11:03am Apr 10, 2007 EDT

supastarr says

Jared! Build us a space/time travel machine godspeed!

Posted at 11:05am Apr 10, 2007 EDT

This is cool. I'm too far away, too, but I'll help keep this thread visible...

Posted at 11:06am Apr 10, 2007 EDT

Taina says

ugh! I'm close enough but working on Thursday! :( sadness!

Posted at 11:07am Apr 10, 2007 EDT

supastarr says

susie! ;P

Posted at 11:08am Apr 10, 2007 EDT

Live too far way but great to hear about the exposure for Etsy! Yay!

Posted at 11:08am Apr 10, 2007 EDT

EtsyStore says

Taina...we'd be happy to write a sick note from the LAbs office for you...hehe

Posted at 11:10am Apr 10, 2007 EDT

FortCloudy says

Awesome! I hope we get a link to segment after it airs!

Posted at 11:10am Apr 10, 2007 EDT