Etsy admin please reconsider some handmade definitions

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Original Post

Ok, I think if you put a bunch of store bought things together and reassemble it it can be handmade, but I don't think it always is. Take for example the rampant practice on etsy of buying a mass produced charm and putting it on a mass produced finished chain and calling it handmade. Is that really handmade? I mean seriously one charm on one chain? If that is considered handmade, I think it makes Etsy look awfully bad.

Posted at 10:30pm Apr 11, 2007 EDT


That's essentially what I did with this piece. I hadn't seen the idea before, so I did it. That's half the idea behind 'making'. Having a unique idea. It may be simple, but it's different. Sure, there are things that I think shouldn't be here, but there's no way to blanket regulate the whole charm and chain thing you mentioned. :)

Posted at 10:35pm Apr 11, 2007 EDT

Seriously, and for me personally, hear hear.

But be aware that this might be considered calling out, and might not go down well with a lot of forum users. This might be an opinion best kept to oneself, I'm afraid.

Posted at 10:35pm Apr 11, 2007 EDT

odkins says

Though I completely (completely) hear you on this one, I'd say it's a waaaaaaaaaay too slippery slope to start saying just HOW handmade something has to be. Argh.

Posted at 10:35pm Apr 11, 2007 EDT

odkins says

Well, and there.. see? gemmafactrix demonstrates a good example of why it'd be bad bad bad to start making that sort of declaration in a general sense. I hadn't even thought of it that way.

Posted at 10:36pm Apr 11, 2007 EDT

On another note, I LOVE your stuff, and, damn, Lady, you are in every single on-line shop I'm sending stuff to right now ;)

Posted at 10:37pm Apr 11, 2007 EDT

Hey Gemma I think those earrings are different, plus they are made with vintage components. I am talking about a made in china dodad that was simply plunked onto a chain and called handmade.
Hey paraphernalia thanks for the compliments!

Posted at 10:42pm Apr 11, 2007 EDT

I've applied to shows where they would call that simple assemblage and not admit it to a show, but I do believe Etsy's view is that if you assemble something it is handmade. Previous posts are right, this could start a bru-ha-ha when you start to define levels of handmade.

Posted at 10:50pm Apr 11, 2007 EDT

Sorry if this could start a squabble, I am not trying to be bitchy at all. I just feel frustrated when I search through the jewelry section and see this quite a bit. I mean seriously its like changing your shoelaces and saying you made your shoes.

Posted at 10:55pm Apr 11, 2007 EDT

When all of the stuff was going on about supplies and the handmade/commercial thing I emailed Etsy. I sell brass charms and findings but I put the finish on them myself. I didn't know so I asked, Rob told me since I did the finish they belonged in handmade....who knew?

Posted at 10:55pm Apr 11, 2007 EDT