Total Idiots work at Wal-mart's Bath and Beauty I swear!

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Original Post

Okay, so I went to Wal-mart today because I needed a cheap script of amoxilcillan for my infection in my tooth before they do the root canal and I needed to get Jason flip-flops before he goes off to Basic Training later this month. I wanted to find out if they had soap-on-a-rope. I asked the clerk in the proper department, in the soap aisle mind you, if she had soap-on-a-rope. She said, "What is that?". Total idiot.

She speaks English, and is Caucasian. So why does she not know what Soap-on-a-rope is? I had to explain slowly to here, it is a bar of Soap On A ROPE! She still gives me this blank look. I leave the aisle in total chuckles. I mean give me a break. I'll just make my husband a bar of big deal. But I don't have manly scents so well I thought I might make do with store bought for him. Oh geez, my mistake in going to wal-mart.

Posted at 5:09pm Apr 15, 2007 EDT


shallakar says

yeah, most of the people that work at wal-mart know nothing about what they are doing. I feel kinda bad for them, actually.

Posted at 5:12pm Apr 15, 2007 EDT

Yep, just stay away from that place.

Posted at 5:12pm Apr 15, 2007 EDT

AlbinaRose says

I didn't know they still made soap on a rope. he he he

I really don't like blanket statements that call people idiots or know nothing about what they are doing. You don't know who you may be talking about to whom. My family is French Canadian and too many times to count, people have made derogatory comments about French Canadians in my presence because I'm American. They were a little embarassed when I told them my parents are French Canadian. Same thing happens in reverse. Many Canadians have made similar remarks about Americans in my presence not knowing I am American.

Publicly calling a group of people idiots is hurtful and pointless.

Posted at 5:17pm Apr 15, 2007 EDT

I'm not a shopper or a supporter of WalMart either, but I was in my 20's before I realized 'soap-on-a-rope' wasn't just a joke boys teased each other about. I'd only heard it as a term, in jokes among guys that have to shower together (sports, prison, military, etc).

I am glad I was alone when I finally saw the real deal for sale in a Sears catalog (hehe yeah, right before Sears quit putting out their monster catalogs). I felt silly because I thought at first they were selling a gag/joke item.

Funny how people learn things backwards sometimes. I hear from most people my age that soap-on-a-rope was a common gift from grandmas to their grandkids. My grandmother gave me art supplies because she knew I already had soap. :D

Posted at 5:19pm Apr 15, 2007 EDT

eclipse says

you: ok, you know what soap is, right?
her: ummm yeah.
you: and you know what a rope is?
her: well duh, I'm not stupid.
you: Ok, so try to wrap your brain around this concept. Take the soap, and put it *ON* the rope!!
her: (thinks a minute) Rope is in the hardware department.

Posted at 5:19pm Apr 15, 2007 EDT

You never know about someones culture or how they were raised just because they are "caucasion and English".
You never know what they have been exposed to throughout thier lives due to finances, lack of opportunity, religion, etc etc (I could go on forver)

I think it is a bit narcissitic to think that everyone should know what you know or lest be labled "and idiot".

I also think a little compassion goes a loonnngg way.


Posted at 5:21pm Apr 15, 2007 EDT

oktak says

I had no idea what a "soap on a rope" was till I read this thread. No, I am not Caucasian nor American, but I've been in this country for quite a while (more than 10 years) and have never come across such a thing. (Does it have a rope so you can hang it from somewhere?)

With a BA and 2 MAs, I never thought I'd be classified as an idiot :)

Posted at 5:29pm Apr 15, 2007 EDT

KarmaSux says

walmart has a bath and beauty section?

Posted at 5:30pm Apr 15, 2007 EDT

I see everyone's points about not labelling a particular group and being compassionate and understanding, but I also understand the frustration of going into a store and having the person assigned to a particular department have no idea what they do or do not carry.

Last night, my sister and I went all over her city looking for flaxseed. All the health food places were closed, so we went to Loew's and tired of wandering up and down aisles searching on our own to no avail at other stores, asked an employee if they carried flaxseed.

"Oh, no, you'd have to get that from a health store."

We decided to search up and down the aisles, anyway, starting with the vitamin/supplements section...which had four or five different brands of flaxseed, not to mention the different flax vitamins.

I don't think it necessarily makes someone an idiot, but I don't think it's too much to ask for a person to be knowledgeable about the products their employer does and does not sell. Heck, I don't work at Hobby Lobby but with the exception of the wedding department and seasonal stuff that changes weekly, I can tell you 98% of the time where something can be found in the store, just from being in there so often.

This is especially true, I think, if you're assigned to a specific department. No one can know everything but if you're in a customer-oriented business it helps to be or to at least try to be helpful.

I don't know about the OP's store, but in my local Wal-Marts, the bath and body sections aren't that big.

Posted at 5:30pm Apr 15, 2007 EDT