Admin, Can I Get Your Policy On Shop Suspensions?

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Original Post

With the Dnds going into effect soon, I'm concerned on a few fronts and would like to know how they come down.

Are they going up the chain of command or can any Admin person close a shop? Considering the serious finacial,emotional and mental stress a shop suspension can cause a Seller I would hope that Rob reviews every case and signs off on it before it is done.

Is a complaining Buyer always right?
My understanding is that currently that my in shop policy is just as valid as yours.
What if they differ greatly?

IE-shipping times
IE-no tracking numbers

Is a Sellers policy signed off on when a Buyer purchases?
(Ideally, that is what I would like. As I want to troubleshoot my Customer Service issues as opposed to having etsycorporate do that for me.)

Also, what about stop checks for Sellers who are being "set up" by Buyers who are in attack mode?

I think that's it for now.

Hoping for a response soon...

Posted at 12:11 pm Apr 16, 2007 EDT


stamp says

Very valid questions buttonempire.

Posted at 12:20 pm Apr 16, 2007 EDT

Rokali says

The most important thing is to be in contact with Etsy. We do not suspend shops after a single buyer complaint or assume the buyer is always right. Each case is unique and is treated so. Just make sure you are receiving & sending emails to support at

Posted at 12:28 pm Apr 16, 2007 EDT

maybe i have not been reading the threads enought, what is dnds?

Posted at 12:29 pm Apr 16, 2007 EDT

dnds= Dos and Don'ts.


Posted at 12:31 pm Apr 16, 2007 EDT

Rob, can you speak to whose policy supercedes whose? (Whoms?) For instance I'd like the Buyer to aggree that purchasing from me means they agree to my terms of sales as opposed to corporates.

Posted at 12:35 pm Apr 16, 2007 EDT

In additon, I like to take a moment and share with you, that if any one Admin person can close a shop without having you sign off on it, that I resent that deeply.
If that is the case, please consider the need for you to personally look over every case and sign off on it BEFORE the suspension happens.
This could, in theory, keep shop suspension errors from happening.

Posted at 12:38 pm Apr 16, 2007 EDT

buttonempire says:
Rob, can you speak to whose policy supercedes whose? (Whoms?) For instance I'd like the Buyer to aggree that purchasing from me means they agree to my terms of sales as opposed to corporates.

it should be both....for example if Etsy says buyer will pay within 3 days, you cant say i require immediate payment required....
but you can certainly set your own payment methods and return can or can not accept a certain payment method, you can require that after a certain amount buyer has to pay insurance stuff like that.....but the buyer has to agree BOTH yours and Etsy's terms


Posted at 12:40 pm Apr 16, 2007 EDT

kateblack says

Rob, that does need clarification. has received multiple reports of incidences where Etsy INC has ordered sellers to settle disputes according to Etsy INC's customer service policies, even if the dispute has already been settled according to the shop owner's policies.

If Etsy INC has a certain set of policies, will they always override an individual seller's business policies?

Will Etsy INC defer to the individual seller's policies? If they're stated in the listing?
In the profile?
In the shop announcement?
In the note that goes to buyers at purchase?
Not stated, but adhered to as a point of practice?

If Etsy Inc forces it's own customer service policies on a seller, does this jeopardize "venue" status? Wouldn't that make Etsy liable for a whole lot of things that are currently sellers' liability?

Posted at 12:40 pm Apr 16, 2007 EDT

kateblack says

Regardless to answers to any of those questions, it would be good policy to make sure that ALL shop suspensions have to be signed off on by you (Rob/president) after a review of the case.

The ONLY exceptions to that should be to stop abuse-in-progress, such as fake/malicious buying or harassment situations.

Posted at 12:46 pm Apr 16, 2007 EDT

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