can't believe what I just did!

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Original Post

as I was reading another thread, I clicked on an interesting avatar, and saw something that I found so beautiful it moved me to tears: and I bought it! yes, I bought it, right there, on the spot!
it will be the perfect present for the love of my life's big 4-0....
there it is:
so, fellow sellers:
avatars reflecting your store do help!
an item priced high will find its lovestruck buyer!
participating in forums definitely help promotion!
that's what I learned today...and that navigating etsy sometimes make your purse suddenly really light! mmmmh...

Posted at 5:01pm Apr 24, 2007 EDT


What a beautiful painting! Yay for you and the person recieving it!!!

Posted at 5:03pm Apr 24, 2007 EDT

Happybee says

you bought really a great and wonderful gift!!!
I agree with you, partecipating in the forum really help!!!
I started a thread few hours ago and i've sold 2 items!!!!

Posted at 5:04pm Apr 24, 2007 EDT

That's great! It is a wonderful piece and I'm sure you'll both enjoy this.
Well, maybe one day I'll get back to product shot avatars, lol.

Posted at 5:04pm Apr 24, 2007 EDT

dote says

that is really one of the coolest paintings i've seen in a long time. great find! i'm sure he'll love it.

Posted at 5:05pm Apr 24, 2007 EDT

yes, I know Happy bee, i was in that tread, and was really happy for you: how great!

Posted at 5:05pm Apr 24, 2007 EDT

Happybee says

I'm so happy too!!!

Posted at 5:06pm Apr 24, 2007 EDT

thanks everyone...i find the colors and the light spectacular in that painting!

Posted at 5:06pm Apr 24, 2007 EDT

Dreamwoven says

good for you and good for the love of your life and good for sagittariusgallery! all around good for everyone!

it is a beautiful painting.... what a wonderful gift to give someone....especially since it struck at your heart!

Posted at 5:08pm Apr 24, 2007 EDT

You will not be disappointed. Aja's work is breathtaking. I'm saving up for my next piece (and drooling over what I already have).

The love of your life sure is lucky to have a thoughtful partner.


Posted at 5:09pm Apr 24, 2007 EDT