what if every single treasury turned into buy and replace?

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Original Post

what then, huh? huh?

Posted at 9:53pm Apr 24, 2007 EDT


Never happen.


Posted at 9:54pm Apr 24, 2007 EDT

lovinbijou says

you keep picking more,,,:D and that would be great..we can get sales

Posted at 9:55pm Apr 24, 2007 EDT

Oh god! don't say it!

Posted at 9:55pm Apr 24, 2007 EDT

ellyzee says

Gah! Horrifying thought!

Please don't let it happen...

Posted at 10:08pm Apr 24, 2007 EDT

cgstudio says


Posted at 10:09pm Apr 24, 2007 EDT

Then I wouldn't look at the treasuries any more. Nothing against the buy and replace ones, but I never look at them. I like ones with clever titles and interesting themes.

Posted at 10:09pm Apr 24, 2007 EDT

tinarice says

i like the treasuries that have a creative theme and are visually great as a whole. i like to look for frontpage material (of course, my opinion doesn't mean much, but i still like to look.)

i usually just ignore the treasuries with buy and replace themes because i know the pictures might be lousy, the theme will be non-existant, and the items may or may not be that great.

Posted at 10:15pm Apr 24, 2007 EDT

um, gross

Posted at 10:16pm Apr 24, 2007 EDT

KarmaSux says

time for some originality, fo sho.

Posted at 10:17pm Apr 24, 2007 EDT