What's the point of paying for health insurance...

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Original Post

kateblack says

...when the plans available don't seem to cover anything?

Posted at 8:24am Apr 25, 2007 EDT


Or the plan that you buy because your agent TELLS you it covers everything you wanted doesn't actually cover any of that stuff?

I am looking into HSAs.

Posted at 8:25am Apr 25, 2007 EDT

Same with homeowners insurace! Our $1000 picture window cracked a few years ago and they came up with some stupid reason it wasn't covered.

Posted at 8:26am Apr 25, 2007 EDT


you spend hundreds each month, then you have big co-pays and deductibles, they cover very little....

damned if you do, damned if you don't kinda deal

Posted at 8:26am Apr 25, 2007 EDT

I wish I had paid for private health insurance.
If I had, I wouldn't be waiting around a year for surgery in a public hospital.....only ten months to go...yay! :(

Posted at 8:27am Apr 25, 2007 EDT

homeowners is a CROCK!!
6" of water in my basement, and NOTHING is covered?!?!

health insurance is right behind it on my list.

you hear that insurance?!?! you're on my LIST!!!

Posted at 8:28am Apr 25, 2007 EDT

They cover the needs of the insurance company CEOs and THEY GET TO REGULATE THEMSELVES...

Posted at 8:28am Apr 25, 2007 EDT

my plan covers me if anything goes wrong, but it comes out of my own pocket for routine stuff. very short sighted, eh?

Posted at 8:28am Apr 25, 2007 EDT

they won't even let me pay for health insurance... pre-existing conditions... unless you have a job that provides it, your screwed

Posted at 8:28am Apr 25, 2007 EDT

mine covers the routine stuff and not if anything goes wrong. 1 trip to have the dr glance in my baby's ear and tell me it's "immaculate" costs 80 smackers.

Posted at 8:30am Apr 25, 2007 EDT