She was buying and re-selling my jewelry!

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Original Post

mbjewelry says

I just had to share this story because I am completely flabbergasted! I had a customer buy a ring from me a month ago and I got an email from her asking I could make three more for her, that she wanted them to give as Mother's Day presents. I was SO excited! I even told her I would be happy to gift wrap them for her. Her initial email came from a hotmail account, but when I sent my reply I noticed that her email address was (I want to call her out so bad!) and I thought to myself, "oh, she must be a jewelry designer too!" To make a long story short, I went to her site and she not only was re-selling my rings, but she was doing it for double the price AND using my pictures from my website!!! So I wrote her back and asked her if those were my rings. Of course I never heard from her and this morning the ring is not on her website anymore. I mean her site is super nice and she was just featured in COSMO!! UGh....I am SO pissed!!

Posted at 7:26am Apr 26, 2007 EDT


This has happened to several other people lately, too. It's dissapointing to think that you can't trust a seemingly well-intentioned customer.

Posted at 7:34am Apr 26, 2007 EDT

leeski says

Was she claiming on her website that she herself had made them?

I personally don't care what people do with my jewellery once they have bought it, they can re-sell it, as long as they don't claim it is their work.

Posted at 7:36am Apr 26, 2007 EDT

mbjewelry says

Oh no...she was DEFINITELY claiming that she made it!

Posted at 7:37am Apr 26, 2007 EDT

It's the dishonesty of people that stinks milehigh. Why can't people be upright, honest and clear about their motives? Do they think they ever get away with it?

Since you called the buyer out, you're probably going to hear from adim or have this locked, but let me say I am glad you shared this with us.

Posted at 7:39am Apr 26, 2007 EDT

mbjewelry says

I didn't call her out! I didn't give the website or artist name!

Posted at 7:40am Apr 26, 2007 EDT

leeski says

Oooh, that's bad.

Personally, being a feisty wee thing, I would fire her off an e-mail telling her there will be consequences if she takes credit for your work again. Might be enough to put the wind up her and stop her doing it again.

Go and kick your pillows around the room - get rid of your pent up frustration.

Posted at 7:40am Apr 26, 2007 EDT

brezomayo says

thats horrible!

Posted at 7:44am Apr 26, 2007 EDT

thymbyldesigns says:

It's the dishonesty of people that stinks milehigh. Why can't people be upright, honest and clear about their motives? Do they think they ever get away with it?


exactly. Karma always wins. Don't worry, she'll be found out to be the clown that she is!



Posted at 7:46am Apr 26, 2007 EDT

That't awful! She didn't re-sell the items via Etsy did she? If so, you should report her to admin... If not, like it was previously advised, I'd just warn her that next time you'll take further action. Oh, and don't hesitate to mention to her that next time you will also name and shame her!

Posted at 7:49am Apr 26, 2007 EDT