My jewelry is being resold on ebay, help!

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Original Post

I just googled my name, long story short, my pieces w/my name are being resold on ebay!!!

I need to cry now! What should I do??

Posted at 3:49pm Apr 27, 2007 EDT


WHAT !!!!!!! Which kind of person do that?...Do you recognize the buyer's name of those pieces????

Posted at 3:50pm Apr 27, 2007 EDT

What is the problem?

Posted at 3:50pm Apr 27, 2007 EDT

There's not much you /can/ do. Especially if they're crediting you for the work (which I assume they are if you found them using your name).

Maybe it's a sign your prices could be higher? Or if it's only a couple of pieces, maybe someone bought them, realised they didn't like them as much as they thought and are just reselling them to cover their loss? I know I've done that with a couple of pieces of jewelry I have...

Posted at 3:50pm Apr 27, 2007 EDT

The entire world revolves around resold items. Your grocer buys their products from a distributor and then resells them.

I guess I really do not understand why someone would be upset about their work being resold, unless the seller was taking credit for the work.

Posted at 3:52pm Apr 27, 2007 EDT

eclipse says

Wow, do you know who is selling them? Like did someone buy your items here and then is reselling them for more money on ebay? At least they are giving you credit, but then anyone who wanted to buy it could just buy it direct from you, for less! I guess I'd contact the seller. Or you could contact the bidders and link them to your etsy store!

Posted at 3:52pm Apr 27, 2007 EDT

I think you're much luckier than most who have this happen - at least they're giving you credit for the design and handwork.

I agree with notthatjaded that maybe you should review your pricing to make sure you're priced at retail levels.

Posted at 3:53pm Apr 27, 2007 EDT

This happened to me a couple of days ago, they took my pictures and my description...I e-mailed the seller and asked what they thought they were doing and they said if they got bids they would purchase from me and then have me ship it overseas. I told them I was not comfortable with that and they said they understood and pulled the should contact them first and at the bottom of the ebay page is REPORT this item. there will be options for FRAUDULENT listings...try that...convo me if you want some more links,,,I got lots of help from my friends and customers.


Posted at 3:53pm Apr 27, 2007 EDT

eclipse says

And if they ARE selling well over there for more than what you charge here, maybe you could start selling on ebay too or raise your prices!

Posted at 3:53pm Apr 27, 2007 EDT

Oh and the person who did it to me did not mention my name anywhere...just copied my listing on etsy exactly and my pictures...even down to my guarantee.



Posted at 3:54pm Apr 27, 2007 EDT