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Original Post

stamp says

Was there every an offical annoncement on this?

The last thread was locked because it was derailed by arguing but this issue is getting worse.

Etsy members should be able to use Etsy without these begging threads poping up all over the place.

It's nothing less than panhandling. We as Etsy members shouldn't be targets for these people.

Admin lock threads by people looking to sell Playstations, these threads are exactly the same thing.

Etsy doing something officially in the blog is one thing, but these threads are quite another, especially when they are constantly being bumped because the OP is looking for a little bit more.

Posted at 10:12am Apr 28, 2007 EDT


Do you mean begging for sales or something else?? I have not seen such a thread??
BTW...I LOVE your shop!!! Your pics are amazing!

Posted at 10:17am Apr 28, 2007 EDT

Stamp it is like what people tell me when I complain about swears, if you don't like it, don't look at it.

Posted at 10:17am Apr 28, 2007 EDT

Yes, but you can't be conned by curse words.....

Posted at 10:21am Apr 28, 2007 EDT

i agree with craftsfromtheheart. begging for sales is tacky and i find it annoying: especially from people with more sales than me! LOL!

If everyone would just ignore those threads and not post in them, they would go away....

i suppose if it really bothers you, you could leave a simple post to the thread like: i think begging for sales is unprofessional. and then leave it like that.

Posted at 10:21am Apr 28, 2007 EDT

stamp says

There is currently someone who joined here on 4/19, there store is empty, I've never seen them post on the forums before, yet here they are using the Etsy customer base to raise money.

It has nothing to do with "if you don't like it, don't look". Admin have a duty to protect their customer base from spam.

We shouldn't be targets for eveyone out there looking to make a quick dollar.

There is absolutley no difference between these threads and convoing everysingle person individually to ask for money.

Posted at 10:21am Apr 28, 2007 EDT

stamp says

there = their

Posted at 10:21am Apr 28, 2007 EDT

hmm. not a buyer either?

Posted at 10:25am Apr 28, 2007 EDT

I saw the thread in question, stamp, and I'm in total agreement with you. This person signed up one week ago, no feedback, nothing in her shop and repeatedly is bumping her thread.

Not cool.

Posted at 10:27am Apr 28, 2007 EDT

I saw the thread too. Well-intentioned it might be, it doesn't belong here. "No solicitation in the forums" rule would be nice.

Posted at 10:29am Apr 28, 2007 EDT