OK... what's the most expensive single item listed on Etsy?

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Original Post

RobEastman says

I know of some original art thats selling for 100+ www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=5503471 from electikolor, and I'm not pumping my own art (I top out at $55).

So, lets see your really top shelf stuff.


Posted at 9:29pm May 1, 2007 EDT


Most expensive I've seen was 22000$. It was a limestone couch, and it was on the front page the other day..

*goes to find the link*

Posted at 9:31pm May 1, 2007 EDT

This gorgeous piece from the treasury is pretty rich...although spectacular and undoubtedly worth every cent
(my top item is $35.00....I am in a whole 'nother class!)

Posted at 9:32pm May 1, 2007 EDT

maggiejs says

woah, that limestone sofa is awesome!!!

Posted at 9:33pm May 1, 2007 EDT

ambrosiaarts has some nice abstracts in the $40 to $100 range, but I like the Angels among us for $1000:


Posted at 9:35pm May 1, 2007 EDT

Cool, but not too comfy...

Posted at 9:35pm May 1, 2007 EDT

One of the staff sold a hand-assembled computer for a couple grand....

Posted at 9:35pm May 1, 2007 EDT

calobee says

I'm in love with the limestone couch. Definitely the most expensive item I've seen thus far!

The most expensive item in my shop is $50.

Posted at 9:36pm May 1, 2007 EDT

vmdesigns says

i love that sofa! that is just amazing! and how life-like......boggles my mind.

: )

Posted at 9:36pm May 1, 2007 EDT