Do you consider your art/craft to be original?

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Original Post

If not, how do you justify selling it?

Posted at 10:41am May 2, 2007 EDT


I consider mine to be original. If it wasn't, I wouldn't be able to sell it.

Posted at 10:42am May 2, 2007 EDT

And such awesome, original artwork too. :)

Posted at 10:51am May 2, 2007 EDT

I consider my work to be original, even if I loosely follow a recipe (herbal baths, for instance). I feel that the part of you that you put into your work makes it original... not to mention that, even if you did try to replicate someone else's work, it would still come out with your original spin on it. :D

Posted at 10:55am May 2, 2007 EDT


With handbags it is hard to be original but I do all my things free hand- so all of my handbags and wristlets are always different sizes and shapes. then the fabric makes each one different. But there are only so many ways you can make a handbag but they are made by me one at a time.

Posted at 10:55am May 2, 2007 EDT

my items are VERY original since most of them are custom made... each car decal order is different, for example.

Posted at 10:56am May 2, 2007 EDT

LemonCadet says

There are a million appliquers out there but I design my own guys and I have a style of stitching that's not used by most of the people out there.

I'd say my stuff is almost as original as it gets.

I wouldn't be here if it wasn't.

Posted at 10:57am May 2, 2007 EDT

I think mine are original.

Posted at 10:59am May 2, 2007 EDT

divadea says

I think my cane work is original. Crochetandcrafts, I really like your striped reversible potholders - good colors!

Posted at 11:00am May 2, 2007 EDT

I don't understand the second part, people sell things all the time and they are not completely original. What do you mean by justify?

I'm not the first person to hang a bird pendant on a chain. I have a lot of new ideas for my jewelry and I try to incorporate as much originality as I can. So do I need to justify?

Just wondering...

Posted at 11:00am May 2, 2007 EDT