Providence Public Libraries Closing!

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Original Post

muchachak says

Hey, heads up to those of you in Rhode Island. I'm a library student and just got an email from one of my fellow students saying that the Providence Public Library is planning to outright close 8 branch libraries, and cut it's staff at the main library drastically.

If you're a library lover, feel free to convo me, I have info about upcoming meetings to support the libraries, and to try to keep them from closing...


Posted at 2:48am May 3, 2007 EDT


Storklings says

That is horrible! I can't imagine anyone getting away with closing a library. I hope you succeed in keeping it open!

Posted at 3:03am May 3, 2007 EDT

muchachak says

I know, it's really pretty horrifying, I was shocked when I found out...8 branch libraries?! If anyone does want more info, just let me know...I would hate to see it be a situation where people don't know about it and then after it happens and they try to go to a closed library they're like "hey where'd the library go?!"...


Posted at 10:17am May 3, 2007 EDT

I'm not from Providence (though I'll see ya at the market!) but I would certainly like to help your cause...

Posted at 10:19am May 3, 2007 EDT

kateblack says


Posted at 10:23am May 3, 2007 EDT

muchachak says

Lol, I'm not from Providence either, but since I'm a library student at University of Rhode Island, and this is the first I'D heard of it I figured there might be a lot of others out there who didn't know either!

First to the Patriot Act couldn't do it, maybe this will...

Posted at 10:29am May 3, 2007 EDT

ericka says

the same thing is happening in mpls. here's your new gazillion dollar downtown library, now we're going to cut hours, staff, and close other branches. you're welcome!

Posted at 10:32am May 3, 2007 EDT

kateblack says

Well, the Patriot Act may have done it. I know my household and some friends' households buy (with cash) and trade books more often than we use the libraries because we know our library records are going on some federal watch list.

When I do go to the library, I read in there and don't usually check books out. So they may have a drop in recordable use since the Patriot Act.

Posted at 10:34am May 3, 2007 EDT

muchachak says

Gah that's awful Ericka...libraries, especially in urban areas, provide resources, not only to everyone, but notably to those who can't afford them...not just books, but information, including community information, internet resources and access, a place to go, places kids can go after school (preferable to many other options)...and the more they are supported by their community, the more they can become a place that reflects the community's needs for resources...


Posted at 10:35am May 3, 2007 EDT

mLee says

That is sad.

Posted at 10:37am May 3, 2007 EDT