The "It's So Ugly It Can't Be Copied" Contest

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Original Post

quirke says

In support of the "if you make really ugly stuff no one will copy you" theory, here's a contest!

Post a link to something in your shop that you privately think is hideous. Don't be ashamed! We've all made something we hate but we secretly hope will sell anyway. Who knows, maybe someone will love it and buy it for its sheer monstrousity!

The contest will run for a week or two, and then, based on everybody's comments and my own personal gag reflex, I will mail the winner a prize of unbelievable ugliness and low value!

Let's see it, people!

Posted at 10:50pm May 8, 2007 EDT


I kind of really hate these cards:

I feel like all they need is a little macaroni and gold spray paint, and they'd be complete...

Posted at 10:52pm May 8, 2007 EDT

MSArt says

lol love this idea quirke
Heres my contribution

Posted at 10:53pm May 8, 2007 EDT

This ring is absolutely ugly:

Please let me win.

Posted at 10:54pm May 8, 2007 EDT

KarmaRox says

Haim is hideously ugly.


Posted at 10:54pm May 8, 2007 EDT

AlwaysAmy says

These sculpy beads.

Blech. Make them into something neat!

Posted at 10:54pm May 8, 2007 EDT

dryan327 says

I love it much so I posted this on the OTHER ugly thread! ...notice the price came down on these bad boys from $10.00...

Problem is ...I didn't know they were ugly until my daughter lauged at them and told me...those are ugly!

Posted at 10:57pm May 8, 2007 EDT

Here's a bead I made that I secretly call primordial ooze! It looks like something gross that landed on your windshield :}

Posted at 10:57pm May 8, 2007 EDT