How to make a banner without a fancy program

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Original Post

I keep seeing this on the forums:
"I'd like to make my own banner but I don't have photoshop/illustator/indesign"

So here's a secret:

You can make your banner or avatar in PowerPoint. That's right, PowerPoint!

It can do just about everything that design programs can do - it's just a little clunkier. You can cut out shapes, add shadows, place type etc.

And most of you will have it on your computer.

Now I'm certainly no computer expert (I'm over 30 for God's sake), and I hope I'm not teaching you how to suck eggs, but here's a few steps to get started if you've never used PowerPoint before:

1. Go the PAGE SETUP and change the size to: width 3.55cm and height 37cm.

2. Go to VIEW and make sure you the FORMATTING PALETTE is open

3. Make your banner. The formatting palette has all sorts of shapes and functions and type options.You can drag or import images and toy with them etc. If you're stuck, go to PowerPoint Help or post in this thread. I'll check it every so often and try to help if I can.

4. When you're done go to SAVE AS and for 'format' select JPEG.

5. Load it up to Etsy!

Hope this is helpful to someone.

xxx scarlett

Posted at 2:34am May 18, 2007 EDT


Scarlett that was really thoughtful of you to take the trouble to spell out the actions required on PP.

I must admit I use PP but also am lucky enough to be able to play with Publisher!

By the way, love your nestling card, really cute!

Posted at 2:39am May 18, 2007 EDT

Oh. Hopefully I haven't posted something that's as obvious as sunlight!!! I've just had a few people quite surprised that PP can be used like this.

Thanks for your comment!

xxx scarlett

PS. Your Mary Mary Quilt is just beautiful (and well named). One of the nicest quilts I've seen on etsy!

Posted at 2:52am May 18, 2007 EDT

MoonFairy says

I'll try that.

Posted at 2:56am May 18, 2007 EDT


"1. Go the PAGE SETUP and change the size to: width 3.55cm and height 37cm."

I meant height 27cm


Posted at 3:17am May 18, 2007 EDT

Excellently pointed out Scarlettcat. I actually made my banner with MS Paint. Yes, that's right, with one of the most archaic programs around.

Posted at 3:38am May 18, 2007 EDT

It's quite amazing what you can do with the old programs!

Posted at 5:37am May 18, 2007 EDT

Cool! I just followed your instructions and made a new banner. Not too shabby.

One thing's height 3.55 and width 27

Thanks! :)

Posted at 8:25am May 18, 2007 EDT

Thanks for the great idea!

Posted at 8:29am May 18, 2007 EDT

Didn't know that! Thanks for the info! Over 30 here too. Power Point is old?! :-)

Posted at 8:33am May 18, 2007 EDT