Health Insurance meeting/workshop

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Original Post

I just wanted to let everyone know that the end of June, my mother and I are hosting a townhall meeting where we will be sharing some important information with the community about health insurance.

The idea came about by reading threads in the forums where people discussed how they can't afford health care or don't have the funds to be seen by doctors. This really bothered me, because people SHOULD have access to health care.

My mother is an insurance agent and has been for over 15 years. We started talking the other day about how small business owners or independant artists seem to go without health insurance because they either don't know the laws, what's available or feel they just cannot afford it.

My mother and I will be answering any questions that you may have about health care, insurance companies in your area and insurance laws. She is doing this free of charge and will not be profitting from this meeting. We both just want to help out the crafting community that we have grown to love.

Right now the dates are June 25 and 30th for the meetings. Times are being worked out and as soon as the admin and I work out any other details there will probably be a blog post about it with more definite information.

Please attend this meeting. It's very important to get all the information you need to take better care of yourselves and your families.

Twisted Stitches

Posted at 12:33pm May 23, 2007 EDT


modflo says

what a great thing to offer the community here!

Posted at 12:34pm May 23, 2007 EDT

LoveGemma says

Awesome. :)

Posted at 12:35pm May 23, 2007 EDT


Posted at 12:38pm May 23, 2007 EDT

zakiyaa says

that's awesome, thank you for doing this for the community!

Posted at 12:44pm May 23, 2007 EDT

TeaNoir says

This is fantastic. Thank you both!

Posted at 12:57pm May 23, 2007 EDT

merritt says

Thank you!

Posted at 12:58pm May 23, 2007 EDT

bellaroo says

How kind and generous. Thank you so much for doing this.

Posted at 1:07pm May 23, 2007 EDT

My BF just learned that he can get insurance through the Chamber of Commerce! Worth a try!

Posted at 1:12pm May 23, 2007 EDT

I'm awestruck! What a generous thing to do. thanks in advance.

Posted at 1:19pm May 23, 2007 EDT