“Crocs” for Orphan Tots!

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Original Post

I am looking for people who have USED (still wearable) OR NEW children’s “Crocs” that they are willing to donate for a children’s orphanage in Africa. Please convo me if you would be willing donate and send me any "Crocs" you or your children may not need or use anymore.

All sizes needed! Some of the children are young and some are teens/young adult.

The orphanage is in the Congo on the island of Idjwi. it is one of the most beautiful and poorest areas of Africa. prolasa.org is the website where you can see the orphans and read about the orphanage.

The reason for Crocs being my specific request for this project is that they are very durable and perfect for the terrain that these children live in. Many shoes have been sent in the past and just do not hold up through the rainy season and I feel Crocs have the least amount of hardware (buckles, flip flop straps, leather, stitching, etc...) and they will hold up for these kids.

Please convo me through my esty shop if you are interested in helping out with this cause and I will provide you with a mailing address that you can send the Crocs to.

For more on why I started this "Crocs for Orphan Tots" check out my blog loopsdesigns.blogspot.com/
Also check back at my blog for updates in the future for progress on this project

This is a personal project of mine that I have just started to help out in the country/area of Africa that I grew up in.
Thanks to anyone willing to help out!

Posted at 7:32pm May 26, 2007 EDT


No crocs here. Sorry! Hope you get some donations. :)

Posted at 7:59pm May 26, 2007 EDT

My kids are still wearing theirs but it won't be long before I have some outgrown pairs (& so far they're still in pretty good shape!). Can I send them to you in a few months? They grow like weeds (the kids, that is).

Posted at 8:02pm May 26, 2007 EDT

Thanks Brooke. I just stated this project today. I Hope I get some as well. I figure kids grow out of them then what? Hopefully someone has some old ones they don't mind giving to a good cause

Posted at 8:02pm May 26, 2007 EDT

Beadful I would love them anytime. I plan to keep this going longterm as the orphans grow they need new sizes as well.

Posted at 8:03pm May 26, 2007 EDT

Loops, can you convo me with your info (where to send, etc.)? That way it'll be easy for me to find/remember when I'm ready. Thanks!

Posted at 8:09pm May 26, 2007 EDT

Are fake crocs ok? or do they have to be the name brand super dense material? I have some my sone wore for like a minute, but they are knockoffs.

Posted at 8:11pm May 26, 2007 EDT

Yes I was just going to ask the same thing! I know Sketchers has a type my girls have been asking for.
Cali gear by Sketchers

Posted at 8:14pm May 26, 2007 EDT

Oops, sorry Loops -- just read your blog. I will leave a comment there for the mailing address.

Posted at 8:21pm May 26, 2007 EDT

MoonFairy says

I think my sister has a pair that are in great condition but are too small for her, I'll check :-)

Posted at 9:20pm May 26, 2007 EDT