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Original Post

EtsyMom is dedicated to promoting artists and crafters who also share the joy of being mothers. Some of our members work from home, some work from other places, but we all share a love of creating beautiful, useful, artful things. Our goal is to create a forum where these creative EtsyMoms can discuss our work, marketing ideas for, advertising and promotional opportunities, and maybe make a few friends along the way.

find us here...but will be at etsy soon...working on username list and banner

Posted at 8:29am May 28, 2007 EDT


msbelle says

Great group!! I'm so happy to be a part of such a wonderfully talented bunch of mommies!! :)

Posted at 8:39am May 28, 2007 EDT

Good morning momma's I just wanted to pop in and say happy holidays.
we are getting ready to go to the parade.
For yarn loveing etsymoms our living for the weekend sale has been extended to today because of the holiday.

Posted at 8:55am May 28, 2007 EDT

Sounds like a great group.

Posted at 9:08am May 28, 2007 EDT

hello! I just joined yesterday - I'm looking forward to being a part of this group! :-)

Posted at 9:29am May 28, 2007 EDT

mommasue says

Great group

Posted at 9:30am May 28, 2007 EDT

Please forgive me if this sounds like a silly question. But I don't understand. What exactly is a street team? I've joined the Yahoo group and linked onto the blog ring is this the same thing? Someone please enlighten me.

Posted at 10:53am May 28, 2007 EDT

capperoo says

Go EtsyMom! What a great group!

Posted at 12:01pm May 28, 2007 EDT

npsunshine says

What a wonderful idea - I am going to join right now :)

Posted at 12:03pm May 28, 2007 EDT

PAEllisVisionArt, I just posted an answer to your question on the Yahoo group. :)

Posted at 1:34pm May 28, 2007 EDT