Passenger with TB Superbug exposes 2 trans-Atlantic flights

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mLee says

Oh boy!

Have you seen pictures of the TB hospitals with the body shoots?

Posted at 6:49pm May 29, 2007 EDT

kateblack says

No, but reading about this guy (he knew he was infectious and was under doctors' orders not to travel) right after seeing the new 28 Weeks Later, and living in a densely packed city full of potential vectors...


Posted at 6:56pm May 29, 2007 EDT

eclipse says

ugh! couldn't he at least have worn a mask? I don't know if that would help though. do those cheap white filter masks stop TB?
I have a 10 hour flight next month and I hope no sick people are next to me.

Posted at 7:07pm May 29, 2007 EDT

PookThy says

Well living in Toronto, the land of the SARS outbreak, I can say that I have experienced what can happen, just how quickly and how devastating. I really hope nobody got sick.

Posted at 7:13pm May 29, 2007 EDT

kateblack says

That's an article about another man who has XDR-TB, who was imprisoned in a health ward after refusing to wear a mask in public.

Posted at 7:18pm May 29, 2007 EDT

mLee says

Why didn't they give the confined man a TV or turn off the lights?

Posted at 8:43pm May 29, 2007 EDT

I was watching this thing on TV the other day about this guy who gave approximately 20 women AIDS in the 80s. And he knew about it too. They had a trial, and the day he was supposed to be convicted, he died.

This post reminded me of it.

Posted at 8:57pm May 29, 2007 EDT

selfish. and now widespread panic because of some hiney-hole. *ugh*

Posted at 8:59pm May 29, 2007 EDT

quirke says

Oh fer shit's sake. Why are some people so stupid???

Posted at 9:03pm May 29, 2007 EDT