The better late than never 3rd Etsy Baby shower

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Original Post

Our third Etsy baby shower should have started in May but with everything that happened in my life last month it was delayed.

For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about:

We hold a baby shower for all the expectant mom's on Etsy. Usually every three months. Shops that are interested in donating a gift will convo me. They send a baby gift to the mom I assign them. Free of charge completely.The gift you send is totally up to the shop. Last shower we had over 75 shops send gifts to 15 mom's. Each mom recieved 5 gifts each.

The mom's have to send me a pic of each gift they recieved and then socaligirl posts the gifts on flickr for everyone to see. Sort of like a big giant treasury. We post as often as we can to get the shops that donated some extra promotion.

If you would like to donate or you are expecting please let me know. There was a list for this shower but I changed email providers and my records were lost so I have to start over again.

Posted at 12:05pm Jun 6, 2007 EDT


Here's a peak at the last baby shower

Posted at 12:05pm Jun 6, 2007 EDT

I know of one mom for sure and that is "mlee"

Posted at 12:08pm Jun 6, 2007 EDT

nest says

I would love to be in this again, but this time I'm expecting! I'm due August 9th :)

Posted at 12:09pm Jun 6, 2007 EDT

I will put you down as a mom and if you like I can put you down as a contributor. If you feel up to it. Thanks for letting me know :)

Posted at 12:10pm Jun 6, 2007 EDT



Posted at 12:11pm Jun 6, 2007 EDT

I would be thrilled to donate to this!

Posted at 12:11pm Jun 6, 2007 EDT

I want to donate too

Posted at 12:12pm Jun 6, 2007 EDT

mLee says


August 21st is my due date

Is it really my turn? OMG so close!

Posted at 12:12pm Jun 6, 2007 EDT

Awe, I wanted to be in the last one, but I guess I was too new to know what was going on, I have a three month old baby girl!

Posted at 12:13pm Jun 6, 2007 EDT

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