Why do people copy other people work and products?

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Original Post

I can't for the life of me understand why people copy other peoples work/products. Do they not understand that it can make items less desirable and creates a negative vibe throughout the entire Etsy community. I do understand that sometimes people overlap on certain items or maybe had the same idea as someone else...it happens. What bothers me is the blatent and obvious copy cats that see that a seller is successful and decides that if they copy they will also have the same sucess. Others who have experienced this....How do you handle this sort of situation?

Posted at 8:40pm Jun 7, 2007 EDT


Do you really want to revisit this topic? There really is no resolution.

Posted at 8:42pm Jun 7, 2007 EDT

t8designs says

simmer quietly and rage internally.

i know this topic comes up quite frequently...it's such a difficult thing to prove though. my name is earl is on now. he's all about karma, baby, karma!

karma will win in the end.

Posted at 8:43pm Jun 7, 2007 EDT

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery maybe?

I have often had others ride my coat tails. I figure when they do that, they are "eating my dust" ;)

Posted at 8:44pm Jun 7, 2007 EDT

You take screenshots and contact admin.

Posted at 8:45pm Jun 7, 2007 EDT

t8 - I know...I would like to think that karma will bite these people in the behind too:)

Posted at 8:45pm Jun 7, 2007 EDT

You just suck it up, I guess. It happens. Feel flattered I suppose.

Posted at 8:45pm Jun 7, 2007 EDT

As far as supplies go, that's tough. You and I both have some of the same supplies in our shops, I've noticed. We likely buy from the same suppliers. It does happen. :)

Oh - my other shop, I mean - not this one. The lovegemma.etsy.com one.

Posted at 8:46pm Jun 7, 2007 EDT

gemmafactrix - Could you elaborate a bit:)

Posted at 8:47pm Jun 7, 2007 EDT

it bothers me too. immensely.

fortunately i have not had to deal with this myself (on Etsy) - but good friends have been dealing with this quite a bit and it just makes me mad.

competition is a real part of any marketplace, and it makes the work continue to evolve and mature and grow businesses. Competition is great thing. I truly believe in this.

i think people that copy other artists work here on Etsy, they see a seller having success and they try and rip off the product and have a little of that success for themselves. this is not competition - this is just people being total and complete losers.

all i have to say to these losers: Karma is a bitch.

Posted at 8:47pm Jun 7, 2007 EDT