Do you know any senior Etsy users?

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We're interested in featuring senior (read: 60 years old and up!) Etsy users that may not necessarily read the forums or the blogs. Do you know any talented older Etsians that are producing interesting work and maintaining Etsy shops? If so, let us know!

P.S. We're also interested in seniors doing interesting things that aren't necessarily Etsy users. If you know anyone who fits that description, pass it on!


Posted at 3:04pm Jun 12, 2007 EDT


AVision says

Check out her website too ( ). The story behind what she does and why she sells what she creates is very interesting.

Posted at 3:06pm Jun 12, 2007 EDT

Thanks, AVision! Also, if I forgot to mention, we're interested in learning how senior Etsy users learned about Etsy and what drove them to get involved, be it retirement, a lifetime love of crafting or a new hobby.

Posted at 3:15pm Jun 12, 2007 EDT

I qualify in age. I'm 64--will be 65 on July 11th. I've been on etsy since August. Love it! Love my crafts. Check out my shop and see if I qualify for your features.

Posted at 7:28pm Jun 12, 2007 EDT

I'm 63 and will be 64 August 14
I've been on Etsy since the end of March 2007.

I do all kinds of things. I don't think my things look "Senior".

Posted at 7:32pm Jun 12, 2007 EDT

ElenaMary says

grandma here fits the bill....check out my shop.....a long career in fine art!

Posted at 2:39am Jun 13, 2007 EDT

I just commented on the etsy blog (?) about how much I would like to meet someone who could lend me some insight...

Posted at 2:42am Jun 13, 2007 EDT

Will be so much fun to watch this thread.

I'm 65, retired public school teacher, now raising alpacas and utilizing their fiber by processing it.... spinning, weaving, and knitting.

Posted at 8:53am Jun 13, 2007 EDT

I'm so excited to see so much enthusiasm about this project! Just for the sake of cross-referencing, you can also see the blog posting about it...

Keep pointing us in the direction of cool seniors producing work on Etsy, or off! We wanna know all about it.

Posted at 10:47am Jun 13, 2007 EDT

Well, here is an old woman.
I sent you an email earlier, you can see if you want to use me.
I am glad to see other seniors on etsy.
My blog site is, if anyone wants to look at it.

Posted at 11:33am Jun 13, 2007 EDT