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Original Post

Rivkasmom says

There are a few fairly heated threads going on right now about people who "allegedly" copy other people's work.

Have you ever made something that you were sure was an original idea, and then find out someone else had beat you to it?

I had this idea for my "hat wraps", that I'd never seen done before. www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5040682§ion_id=5110501

I was so excited to make a bunch and market them to the women in my synagogue. The next Saturday, I saw a friend of mine wearing something on her hat that looked an awful lot like my idea! It wasn't exactly the same, but it was the same basic concept, just with slightly different fabric and beads. My friend said she got it in Israel a couple of years ago.


Mine are still unique enough that I'm ok with making more and selling them, but I'm still a bit bummed that the concept is already out there.

Anyone else have a similar story?

Posted at 1:01am Jun 25, 2007 EDT


Well, there are only so many ways of making certain items, so I'm sure crafters all over the world have thought of beautiful items only to find 500 other people who also make them. As long as each person knows in their heart that they didn't copy someone's work, then that's all you can do to explain why your item is similar to someone else's, you know?

Posted at 1:04am Jun 25, 2007 EDT

KitMit says

There are only so many accessories in the world. I have been making headbands for years and when I got on Etsy, I was concerned about listing them because others were, but hey, a headband is a headband, a hat is a hat, a glove is a glove. Put your own twist on it and I'm sure everyone (reasonable) will call it good!

Posted at 1:08am Jun 25, 2007 EDT

When I put up my first pirate choker, I was so excited because there wasn't much in the market of "fancy macrame" here.

Then searched "macrame" and RIGHT BELOW my item was a really pretty fancy macrame choker. Listed just a few hours prior!

You really never know.

Posted at 1:13am Jun 25, 2007 EDT

yeah, agreed, pretty much everything has been done before...there are no more wheels to invent :)

Posted at 1:15am Jun 25, 2007 EDT

tigergirl says

oh yes, it's happened to me .......

Posted at 1:21am Jun 25, 2007 EDT

I don't have a story, but Riv, your stuff is so awesome!

Posted at 1:26am Jun 25, 2007 EDT

poofysheep says

Yep, it's happened to me, too. I guess the solution is just putting your own spin on it! If you think about it, so many products out there, not just crafts, are just different versions of something else.

Posted at 1:30am Jun 25, 2007 EDT

belletoile says

Oh yeah, it's happened to me, too.

Posted at 1:36am Jun 25, 2007 EDT

i think a lot of artists get inspired from other existing works. as long as it's not an exact replica i wouldn't worry about it. great minds think alike and all that...

Posted at 1:44am Jun 25, 2007 EDT