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Original Post

dottyral says

Hi everyone.

A new seller mentioned in another thread that it would be nice to know some etsy etiquette.

Some things are in the Dos and Don'ts and other things are just what's considered polite.

How about helping out the newbies and posting a few etsy etiquette tips?

Posted at 3:02pm Jun 27, 2007 EDT


dottyral says

Here's one:

Do not spam the forums. If there's a dicussion about something not in the promos section, don't post a link to one of your items - whether or not it's related to the topic.

On the same note - In the promos section - if the OP asks for scarves - do not post a link to your flip flops.

Posted at 3:04pm Jun 27, 2007 EDT

If someone posts an item in the Promos, it's always nice to look at that item (or other items that have been listed), make a COMMENT, and THEN post your own item :)

Posted at 3:09pm Jun 27, 2007 EDT

I didn't know that posting a link to an item in your shop in any other forum besides the promo forum was considered spamming. I have done that but only when it was directly related to the subject so I thought it was relevent. How red is my face.

Posted at 3:10pm Jun 27, 2007 EDT

cgstudio says

That is a good idea dottyral. Sadly, I suspect a lot of people who do that already know it is not appreciated. Even some veterans are pretty sophisticated with posting 'pseudo promos' in incorrect places :-) Those are the most irritating to me.
I think it works against them anyway.

Posted at 3:10pm Jun 27, 2007 EDT

Good idea, Dotty!

My advice is also regarding the forums:
I'd like everyone to THINK BEFORE YOU TYPE!
Remember, EVERYONE reading your post(s) is a potential customer. And yes, correct spelling is a plus.

Posted at 3:11pm Jun 27, 2007 EDT

I have come across quite a few forum questions from "Newbies" asking if certain things are acceptable. Being a "newbie" would be helpful to know what is considered right and what is considered

Sometimes the Etsy etiquette is pretty common sense, but there are quite a few instances where I've noticed people being touchy on certain mundane things that most wouldn't find offensive.

Great idea!

Posted at 3:12pm Jun 27, 2007 EDT

dottyral says

No one should feel bad about making mistakes. Hopefully newbies will find it helpful.

Here's another: Please don't revive age old threads unless it's full of important/timely information. Definitely do not revive old, old promo threads.

Posted at 3:12pm Jun 27, 2007 EDT

geelizzie says

When discussing issues in the forums, try to remember to treat others as you would like to be treated-unless, of course, you are into abuse.
And try not to take things too personally if you don't agree with someone's views.
Just play nice.

Posted at 3:13pm Jun 27, 2007 EDT

dottyral says

Calling out:
I've seen some newbies "call out" and not realize that it's wrong.

You cannot post personal/private information about a transaction in the forums. You can't say "I just got a negative and I'm mad". We can all look at your feedback and see who gave it to you. That's "calling out" even if you didn't mention the name of the person.

It's also considered bad form to mention a shop or someone's item in a negative way. We've all seen that happen and become a train wreck in seconds.

Posted at 3:15pm Jun 27, 2007 EDT