V - Super-Happy Fun Jokey Thread! :D lol

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Original Post

emckinstry says

THREAD CHARTER (that sounds really serious, lol!)

Super-important notesie: people in The Thread sometimes talk about (*whispers*) grown-up stuff! O_o And we want everyone to have a great time, and feel positive about the Etsy community, so if that might upset you, you might want to go hang out in one of the other gazillions of super-fun and positive places in the forums! :D lol!

This thread is for a special kind of joking, where we all are super happy to hang out and we love being part of the Etsy community, but we pretend sometimes to be mean, because we know we all like each other, and so that's funny! :D lol! So don't worry, if you see anyone being a Snarky McSnarkerson, we're just playing! lol!

Play and joking and making friends is part of what makes the Etsy Community such a SUPER place to be! :D lol :) :)

We do have some rules, because we need rules to make sure everyone has a positive, community-oriented, and wonderful time in the The Thread! :D We don't want anyone to feel bad, EVER, ever, ever. :( We would feel terrible if that happened. :(

Okay, turn that frown upside-down, because I know everyone will follow the rules, because that's what makes Etsy such a wonderful community! :D lol! ^_^

The common-sense guidelines, that we came up with as a team! :D lol! are:

1) Never, EVER, ever be a meanie green-beanie! Etsy, in their super smartiness, doesn't allow that, and we CERTAINLY don't like it here, because this is a place to play and have fun. :) lol!

2) If someone doesn't understand the special kind of playing and joking we do here, we should try and make them feel better, because we want everyone to feel positive and comfortable all the time! :D lol! But sometimes people don't understand how fun it is to play in The Thread :( and we need to respect the place where their heart is, and hope they are having a community-oriented fun time somewhere else in the Etsy forums. We're all different, and that is part of what makes the Etsy community such a wonderful place to be! :D lol!

3) Playing in The Thread can mean that you see people talking about really funny things! :D lol! If you don't know what someone is joking about, just ask! We love to have new people join our fun Thread games. :D lol!

ANYONE is welcome to join The Thread in the Positive Community Fun Playtime Spirit of The Thread! lol! :) :)

We love to make new friends, and if you like to play the opposites game, or be jokey a lot, you will love it here! :D lol! We are bestest buddies, and because you're part of the Etsy community, we know you are already a perfect pal too! :D Yay for new friends!! :) :) lol!


Whenever we start a new chapter in the Thread, someone picks a song and changes it so it talks about Etsy and The Thread! Isn't that funny! :) lol!! And people can be really creative, which is what Etsy is all about! :D :D lol

So now it's my turn, and I am SO EXCITED I can't even sleep! lol! ^_^

But here is my welcoming song for this version of The Thread, and I hope you like it! :) lol!


Here's a little song I wrote
You might want to sing it note for note
Got Etsy? Be happy! :D
In every life we have some trouble
But don't let ickyness pop your bubble
Got Etsy? Be happy! :D
Etsy's here, be happy now. lol!

Do you need a positive friend?
A place where happiness never ends?
Get Etsy! Be happy! :D
Your store's not doing super-well?
Lots of Etsians can help you sell! lol!
Get Etsy! Be happy! :D

(Look at me -- I'm happy. I have Etsy, I'm happy!
Here I give you the URL. When you feel icky, log on,
Etsy make you happy. Get Etsy, and be happy! lol )

Feeling bad, been sad a while?
Ain't got no Thread to make you smile?
Get Etsy! Be happy! :D
'Cause when you you're sad your face will frown
And that will bring everybody down :( :(
Get Etsy! Be happy! :D

(Don't be negative, don't do it.
Be happy. Put a smile on your face! :D lol!
Don't bring everybody down.
Positive Pollys have more fun than Negative Nellies! :)
Get Etsy! Be happy! :D
I have Etsy, and I'm SUPER happy! lol! :D :D )

Posted at 2:09am Jul 4, 2007 EDT


oh. my. gawd.

Posted at 2:11am Jul 4, 2007 EDT

grab her!

Posted at 2:11am Jul 4, 2007 EDT

I am SOoooooooooooooooooooooo
very happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 2:11am Jul 4, 2007 EDT

We're going to be copied, oh my.

Posted at 2:11am Jul 4, 2007 EDT

*chases after merp's pink unicorn*

Posted at 2:12am Jul 4, 2007 EDT

Pass it to the left.

Posted at 2:12am Jul 4, 2007 EDT

She's still lobotomized.

Posted at 2:13am Jul 4, 2007 EDT

mfnelson says

Happy happy! Joy joy!


And pipe down in there/here.

Posted at 2:13am Jul 4, 2007 EDT