Saving a listing to post later, a tutorial.

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Original Post

Hi all! I just discovered that you can create a listing & save it.

Step 1: Create the listing through to page 5 (where you would hit the finish button)

Step 2: copy the URL (Looks like this --->
and paste it elsewheres. (I suggest writing it in an email to yourself so it becomes a clickable link)

Step 3: Go out & play, you've just saved your listing!

To upload saved listing

1. Copy the URL that you placed elsewheres or click on the link in your email (& skip step 2)

2. Paste it in the url box thingy (top of browser page) (hit go)

3. Hit the finish button.

An now your listing gets listed and it is brand new :)

Ta. Da.

Posted at 2:09pm Jul 4, 2007 EDT

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Gabby says
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Hey everyone,

Please keep in mind that this thread is from 2007 and may have some outdated information. If you have any questions, feel free to post your own thread in the Forums. Thanks!

Posted at 1:57pm Aug 28, 2016 EDT


No way, really? Oh, I want to try...thanks, littleput!

Posted at 2:13pm Jul 4, 2007 EDT

Karen Mahony avatar
babastudioPrague says

AH! Wonderful! I owe you coffee and a cake for this - just let me know next time you're in Prague :)

Off to try it...

Posted at 2:15pm Jul 4, 2007 EDT

GoTo says

This method will keep you from getting front page exposure and will still put you in the original time slot for serach results and category browsing.

Posted at 2:17pm Jul 4, 2007 EDT

Great discovery! Can't wait to try it!!

Posted at 2:18pm Jul 4, 2007 EDT

GoTo says

(Admin has said that the search and browsing order are based on the time you start making your listing, not the time you finish it. Your item gets a number as soon as you click to start your listing.)

Posted at 2:19pm Jul 4, 2007 EDT

Go to, are you sure??


Posted at 2:27pm Jul 4, 2007 EDT

BeaG says

What GoTo said.
It deprives you of the exposure of a new item. You will list it as an 'old' item.

Posted at 2:28pm Jul 4, 2007 EDT

Well I just tried it & it came up in the little pictures next to "buy" options....

Posted at 2:31pm Jul 4, 2007 EDT

Ha! It does work, page one category Jewelry, created 1 hour ago :O)

Posted at 2:32pm Jul 4, 2007 EDT