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Original Post

From her profile:

emckinstry's Profile
Finding Etsy has really brightened up my home and my wardrobe! I get compliments all the time on the jewelry and gifts I buy here, and I really don't shop anywhere else if I can find it on Etsy.

I can't believe all the talented artists here - I'm inspired to give it a try myself, someday, if I get the courage.

Some people thought she was a negative Nelly, so in the past few days she's done her best to be a Silly Sappy Happy Etsy poster ......


Posted at 9:01pm Jul 5, 2007 EDT


yoboseiyo says

zomgs, really?
i wonder if she's on vacation?

Posted at 9:02pm Jul 5, 2007 EDT

bycole says

wait... weird.. shes not coming up in search for me?

Posted at 9:03pm Jul 5, 2007 EDT

luna2005 says

i think merp has one of the biggest hearts of anyone i have ever met. she does most of her good deeds quietly....and i applaud her for everything she does.

heart of gold and a lot of soul, that one.

Posted at 9:03pm Jul 5, 2007 EDT

KICKED OFF !!!?!!!!!!?!????

Posted at 9:04pm Jul 5, 2007 EDT

Maybe she was muted? Well, I have no clue.

Posted at 9:04pm Jul 5, 2007 EDT

Yikes! I wish I could email her now but email is blocked here. :(

But yeah, even good people can be muted, on Etsy.

Posted at 9:04pm Jul 5, 2007 EDT

Wow, was she muted? Her avatar in her profile is the same as always. It is only gray in the forums. :(

Posted at 9:05pm Jul 5, 2007 EDT

??Muted ???!!!

FOR POSTING HAPPY THOUGHTS ??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 9:05pm Jul 5, 2007 EDT

yoboseiyo says

they couldn't handle the cuteness.
they had to shut her up before they died from the happy sugary thoughts. they were getting cavities.

Posted at 9:07pm Jul 5, 2007 EDT