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Original Post

castleman says

the same rules apply to admin that apply to everyone else on the forums? and if they do then why are admin not muted for breaking the rules?

Posted at 8:29pm Jul 7, 2007 EDT


Example please!

Posted at 8:32pm Jul 7, 2007 EDT



Posted at 8:33pm Jul 7, 2007 EDT

castleman says

i can't give an example without calling someone out.

Posted at 8:33pm Jul 7, 2007 EDT

I think Castleman answered her own question :)

Posted at 8:33pm Jul 7, 2007 EDT

castleman says

i did?

Posted at 8:38pm Jul 7, 2007 EDT

The same rules clearly don't apply because the same 'punishment' is not given :)

Posted at 8:44pm Jul 7, 2007 EDT

Love your AVATAR, meringueshop!

Posted at 8:48pm Jul 7, 2007 EDT

castleman - hm............

meringueshop - cool avatar! Does it mean that I should buy this one right now:


Posted at 8:53pm Jul 7, 2007 EDT


Robwhite, welcome to the forums :)

Posted at 8:56pm Jul 7, 2007 EDT