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Original Post

Hey, where ya from?

Me: Space Coast, in between Titusville and Melbourne.
You: Are you near me?

Posted at 12:09pm Jul 10, 2007 EDT


Sorry, I'm not near you. I'm on the opposite coast in Clearwater. Is there a FL Street Team?

Posted at 12:16pm Jul 10, 2007 EDT

I'm in Sourh Miami but love your area--I sold at the cocoa beach fest in oct and dec last year--have you done that one?

Posted at 12:16pm Jul 10, 2007 EDT

To answer my own question and in case anyone is interested, there are street teams for northern, central, and southern FL, but it doesn't look like there's really any activity for any of them.

Posted at 12:18pm Jul 10, 2007 EDT

I'm in the West Palm Beach area now but hopefully back in Gainesville soon

Posted at 12:21pm Jul 10, 2007 EDT

I saw FLORIDA - not a member of a Street Team yet. Looking into it.

I'm in Largo, near Clearwater.

Posted at 12:27pm Jul 10, 2007 EDT

Hello all.

So, who know's the heck a street team is. There are so many versions around, someone gimme an idea.

Posted at 12:30pm Jul 10, 2007 EDT

GemsToWear says

Hi guys!

I'm down here in Fort Lauderdale. Would love to start a Florida street team!


Posted at 12:32pm Jul 10, 2007 EDT

craftyhag says

CarolinaCottage, I'm putting together an event in St. Petersburg on July 27 if you want to sell stuff--if you're available--no charge for space, convo me for details if you're interested

Posted at 12:32pm Jul 10, 2007 EDT

If there are already street teams in florida with not much activity, let's get them FIRE'd UP!

Posted at 12:33pm Jul 10, 2007 EDT