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Original Post

I'm sort of new, 5 weeks. I've read alot about the treasury & now I read there is more than one. Could someone PLEASE explain to me just what the treasury is, & where to find it? I feel so dumb.

Posted at 12:35pm Jul 12, 2007 EDT


treasury is "lists" people create with items they love...there is usally a theme
(i'm sure some-one else will have a better explanation!) :)

Posted at 12:37pm Jul 12, 2007 EDT

kellybot says

I'll take a shot at it:
There can be 222 treasury lists, but there are frequently more because a bunch of people get the 222nd one at the same time, so the total jumps up to, say, 258. They expire after 2 or 3 days.
Anyone can make a treasury and it's a collection of items for sale on Etsy. Usually with a theme.
Click up there on "Buy," then "Treasury" to have a look around. It's fun!

Posted at 1:38pm Jul 12, 2007 EDT

If you decide you'd like to make a treasury, it's nice to already have a title in mind. Also, find 12 plus 4 alternates of items you'd like to feature and write down their item numbers so you are ready.

Once the treasury drops below 222, a box will appear on the screen (any page of the treasury) although I usually go to the last page. Just type in your title and there you go!

Posted at 1:47pm Jul 12, 2007 EDT

Just re read your post. You can enter the treasury from the etsy home page. Click on the different titles and you can view all the items.

Posted at 1:48pm Jul 12, 2007 EDT