Somolian Culture (adult content)

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Original Post

I'd like to talk about this subject without offending anyone. More to understand and open up the communication.

I've done some reading recently on Somolian practices of female curcumcision and am horrified that such a brutal procedure is still being practiced in this day and age.

With all the immigration in the past decade from Somolia, is this practice being done in the USA?

I would love to hear from any Somolians who are on Etsy, or anyone who may know more about this.

Posted at 12:25pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT


BetaBitch says

I've heard of illegal female circumcisions in Western countries amoung various communities. It's been reported before.

I can't think about it much as I tend to faint or puke.

Posted at 12:27pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

I know a tiny bit about female circumcision from various articles in the newspaper, but I'm pretty sure its widely practiced throughout Africa and in Muslim countries.

Posted at 12:27pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

what about the Somolians coming to the USA? Are they allowed to do such a horrific practice here?

Posted at 12:30pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

No one knows? Are there any Somolian women here on Etsy?

Posted at 12:34pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

It's also practiced in the U.K.

Posted at 12:36pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

Also realize that what one may see as horrific is quite acceptable in other cultures and countries, and as such, it is not the right of any one person to judge them or what they do.

Just a thought... :-)

Posted at 12:37pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

kateblack says

Is it really "adult content" when the practice is primarily inflicted upon female children?

It's not just Somalia.

Whether something is legal or not does not mean it's not happening. It does happen on US soil.

Posted at 12:39pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

I just read the other day it's being practiced here. I can't remember which city, but they're prosecuting the people who did it.

I'm still amazed at the barbarism that persists at this late stage of history - we have iPhones but we're still doing this? C'mon humanity.

Posted at 12:41pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

Man. You need to stop assuming that everyone else needs to be like the West. Just because we have iPhones does not make us better or less barbaric than another culture!

Posted at 12:44pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT