For those who do craft fairs etc.... Credit card question!

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Original Post

Do you really double your sales when youaccept credit cards? I was told this, and while it's true that I have to tell people that I don't accept cards yet...most of them will write me a check, and so far none of them have bounced on me! Just wondering if it's worth is at craft shows etc. Online I am cool with paypal, so no worried there.

Looking for some feedback from those with experience!


Posted at 12:45pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT


kreations says

Take them. People are more likely to buy if they can use a credit card. Even if they have a checkbook. I've had people say they'll only buy one thing, whip out their checkbook, I mention I also take cards, and they buy more.

People are addicted to plastic and spend more on it.

And ProPay is *great*.


Posted at 12:47pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

I also use propay, but haven't needed it much yet. It is most important to have anyway imo.

Posted at 12:49pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

rubygirl says

I also started using propay this summer. I have done two shows with it (and have another tomorrow). It made a HUGE difference. In a couple of instances, it more than doubled my sales. Twice I had people come up with a $20 pair of earrings and add on items when they found out I accepted credit cards. Both of those individual sales topped out at over $80.00!

Posted at 12:51pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

I don't take credit cards at craft shows and have not had a problem with it yet. Although, maybe I'd do even better if I did. :) I figure most people go to those sorts of events with cash in hand, expecting to not be able to use CC at most booths.

I'm curious to hear what others have to say...

Posted at 12:55pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

rosybird says

My sales at shows are usually half in cards~ and yes, people buy more, and buy bigger ticket items with cards, definitely take them if you want to grow.

Posted at 12:55pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

mymy says

accepting credit cards is the best thing you can do. people love using credit & seem to spend more when they are able to.

Posted at 12:57pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

Wow, this is great to know. I guess I've just been kidding myself. :)

Um... what is propay?

Posted at 12:59pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

I use propay and a slide machine for paper slips. My weekly farmer's market totals are exaclty the same in cash as my sales last year when I didn't take plastic, but now 66% more on top of it in CC.

For example, last year I would have had a $300 weekend, this year the same $300 in cash and check, with another $500-600 more on CC/debit cards. This has happened every week for the last two months.

And the fees to me are completely worth it- $600 on Propay is only about $25 in fees for me. And sales I wouldn't have had otherwise.

Posted at 1:00pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

what percentage does propay take, How do you use it?

Posted at 1:02pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT