WHERE am I living?!?!?!

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Original Post

liskidder says

I don't know if I can cope with Virginia much longer...

So I got recommendations from my doctor for an OBGYN to refill my birth control. He gave me the names of two doctors who are near my apartment. The first one is on my insurance company's list of approved doctors (second one isn't), so I called her office. Here's how the conversation went...

Receptionist: Hello?
Me: Hi. I was wondering if Dr. Anderson is accepting new patients.
Receptionist: What do you need an appointment for?
Me: I need to get an annual exam and also to refill my birth control.
Receptionist: Oh, right, we're a pro-life clinic and we don't prescribe birth control so we wouldn't be able to help you with that.

::::::::::::: STUNNED SILENCE :::::::::::::::

Me: Wha..... um...... uh..... okaaaaaaaaaaaaay...... mmmmmm .... hahaha .... I guess, nevermind then.


WHAT?!?!?! Doesn't birth control.... prevent abortions? So............ what am I missing?

Posted at 2:22pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT


BirdNerd says

Wow. Stunned.

Posted at 2:23pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

WOW! That's crazy!

Posted at 2:23pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

That's crazy!!!! It's not like you'd be killing a child. Instead, you'd be preventing the creation of one.

Good thing they aren't accepting new patients. Looks like this office is a bit confused.

Good luck, and maybe your new call will go much smoother :)

Posted at 2:25pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT


That's strange...

Posted at 2:25pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

patereeves says

too weird for words...............

Posted at 2:25pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

yeah. Some folks think that preventing a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterine lining (which is what BC does) is abortion or murder too.

I'm impressed you found a place like that in Fairfax. I thought NoVa was pretty forward thinking...

Posted at 2:26pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

peachcake says


Posted at 2:26pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

yoboseiyo says

oh my. i don't know what to say...

Posted at 2:27pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT