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Original Post

The bank sent me a letter[in the mail] about security breaches and them sending me a new card.

Posted at 4:33pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT


I have to get a credit card?

Posted at 4:34pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

Oh why do you have to get a credit card? I love my debit card.

Posted at 4:35pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

Ewwww security breaches. So icky. Makes a body feel invaded.

Posted at 4:37pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

It's nice that the bank is keeping us safe and all, but it's a big pain in the neck.

Posted at 4:39pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

No money... so I guess that is the technical complaint but I need a CC for food. :(

Posted at 4:39pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

Aaah, I see. You couldn't get a few days supply at a local food bank? *doesn't know where you live* I'm in a large city, so there is often some food service or at least food stamps.

Posted at 4:42pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

I can also feel the cough suppressant wearing off.

Posted at 4:47pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

I guess I could but I would rather just get a CC...

I had to go to the food banks when I was little.

I don't like things that make me feel poor. Because I am not even that poor.

Posted at 4:49pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT

I can't truly understand, but I think I do.

Posted at 4:51pm Jul 13, 2007 EDT