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My husband has been on active duty since the end of June and will not be receiving a paycheck this month. I am unable to bring groceries in the home or pay bills. Only God knows when we will see a dime and it's very scary. It's not like I can go get a job today when I have others I care for and nobody able to help me that often. I don't understand because the government spends billions sending troops to basic, overseas, and on equipment. They just don't feel they need to explain why they're forcing the troops families out of their homes. The public supports our troops and if they only knew they were a troops only chance of survival, they would raise hell. I am reporting this abuse to the news media and want you to know too. This is my story I am reporting to the local news...


I want to make an anonymous request for a news story you might be interested in.

My husband is a Sergeant in the Florida Army National Guard and has been on active duty military orders since June. The Army has not paid any of the soldiers in his unit. Even those who have been active duty longer than my husband. We had our phones shut off and will be going on 2 months behind in paying our rent because of this situation. Nobody has an answer for us no matter how much my husband and I plea. The company which mails out his wages statements show him not getting a first paycheck until mid July and it shows the pay for $0.00. He was supposed to be paid June 15. As you can imagine, we're very worried for our wellbeing and losing a roof over our head. Many of the wives left behind simply can't afford to go out and work at the last minute. We feel this is something that needs to be addressed immediately for the sake of the soldiers and their families left behind. The unit is hoping one of the military wives can get this on the news in hopes we can get some assistance. They sacrifice their entire lives for us and all they expect in return is a small paycheck which they are not receiving. Please help bring the public aware of the current situation. Thank you!

Posted at 10:40am Jul 14, 2007 EDT


What's your intake on the situation?

Posted at 11:04am Jul 14, 2007 EDT

Wow, that's pretty messed up. Are they sending the checks to him instead of home, or are they just not paying him? Yikes.

Posted at 12:12pm Jul 14, 2007 EDT

I feel concerned about the situation.

Posted at 12:15pm Jul 14, 2007 EDT

have you called your senators and congressmen about this?? That seems outrageous!

Posted at 12:16pm Jul 14, 2007 EDT

We are supposed to receive online statements and they are automatically deposited through our bank, but nothing yet. I have contacted 3 news reporters. This is not the first time this has happened either.

Posted at 12:18pm Jul 14, 2007 EDT

That is so obscene on so many levels.

Posted at 12:19pm Jul 14, 2007 EDT

poetry3 says

Keep making noise!

Posted at 12:20pm Jul 14, 2007 EDT

mfnelson says

That seems really crazy!
Yes do what WFD said and shout it from the rooftops too!!

Posted at 12:20pm Jul 14, 2007 EDT

That's horrible. I'm so sorry.

Whatever my beliefs about the war are, I do support the troops. I have loved ones who are in the service, and feel that the US Government needs to take better care of them. Where we here at home are focused on the safety of our loved ones and our families, they are focused on the "war on terror" and seem to lose sight of the fact that there are thousands and thousands of people in the service who need to be thought of.

I hope the news picks it up. I'm curious, though, why you don't want to give them your name. From my dealings with local and national news (it's a lot, trust me) they do generally like to have a contact person, even if their identity is kept concealed. Just a thought.

Posted at 12:22pm Jul 14, 2007 EDT