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Original Post

ceejay77 says

I was just wondering how you (vegans) handle it when your baby goes in for their vaccines and know some are made of monkey cells, and chick embryo's?
Some in the UK are made with rabbit kidney...
just curious as to how you handle this...

Posted at 11:33am Jul 14, 2007 EDT


MoTowne says

I thought vegans were sterile.

Posted at 11:35am Jul 14, 2007 EDT

ceejay77 says
here is a list of vaccines and some info on it...

Posted at 11:35am Jul 14, 2007 EDT

ceejay77 says

I was just curious....

Posted at 11:40am Jul 14, 2007 EDT

easy peasy. no vax!

Posted at 12:02pm Jul 14, 2007 EDT

I don't have kids, so I hadn't thought about it, actually. If there's an alternative, I would be thrilled to pay for it. I admit, it hurts my brain a bit to think about it right now. If I ever do decide to have kids, I'll let you know! :)

cute av, btw, ceejay

Posted at 12:05pm Jul 14, 2007 EDT

ceejay77 says

aww thanks

I have four and never knew there were chick embryos in them. (I am not vegan, just thought it was weird)
never cared to ask what they are putting in my kids...what kind of mom am I?? LOL

Posted at 12:09pm Jul 14, 2007 EDT

Beside being Vegan, a lot of kids have allergies to eggs, so it's quite shocking that they don't tell you ahead of time what the vax contains.

We are not Vegan (I'm veggie) but we delay vax for allergy reasons.

Posted at 12:10pm Jul 14, 2007 EDT

well, you probably just assumed it was safe and the doctor knew what he was doing. I do that a lot, and then only think to ask when I get home!

Posted at 12:11pm Jul 14, 2007 EDT

I know of a family that does not vaccinate their child. I don't know if I can recommend that though. Sometimes you just have to do what's right.

Posted at 12:12pm Jul 14, 2007 EDT