What's wrong with my dog??

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Original Post

starrz85 says

I have a lab/eskimo spitz mix who's 4-5 months old. She's not eaten anything since Friday, and I'm getting worried. She's not acting like herself either. She's usually hyper and playful to the point of being annoying, but today she's listless and wanders around aimlessly. She drank a lot of water while I was outside, and then she promptly threw it all back up, all clear and foamy.

Any ideas on what's wrong with her and what I can do for her?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Posted at 2:08pm Jul 15, 2007 EDT


narchi says

eep! get her to a vet

Posted at 2:09pm Jul 15, 2007 EDT

jujuw says

get that baby to a vet!!!! does she eat any of the dog foods they're having problems with?

Posted at 2:10pm Jul 15, 2007 EDT

GemsByEm says

Is it really hot there? Oh wait, you're in NC too. My dog was like that a while back. It was like he just had a stomach bug or something. Do you think your pup has eaten any of the forbidden foods?


Posted at 2:12pm Jul 15, 2007 EDT

starrz85 says

No vets are open today. And no, she doesn't eat anything they're having trouble with. She was perfectly fine until Friday, when I had to leave to go out of town. And she hasn't eaten anything since then as far as I know.

Posted at 2:12pm Jul 15, 2007 EDT

Do you have a vet that you go to? I would take her right away. If she can't keep water down she will get dehydrated very fast.

Posted at 2:12pm Jul 15, 2007 EDT

GemsByEm says

If you're in Charlotte there's an emergency vet here...

Posted at 2:12pm Jul 15, 2007 EDT

sounds like she might have eaten something that's blocking her intestines (like a plastic bag...) GO TO THE VET.

hope she's ok.

Posted at 2:13pm Jul 15, 2007 EDT

starrz85 says

the only weird thing my dog has eaten lately was a dead rat. I couldn't get it away from her at all. I wonder if that's the problem, but I don't know.

Posted at 2:13pm Jul 15, 2007 EDT

There must be an emergency vet somewhere!

Posted at 2:13pm Jul 15, 2007 EDT