Race in your profile?

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Original Post

jelene says

Why would one feel like they needed to state their race in their profile? What difference does that make?

I was browsing the other day and saw someone that said something like this, "Hi. I'm white, a married mother of two, and love crafting..."

... I don't know, but stating that turns me off. What do you think about it?

Posted at 2:23am Jul 20, 2007 EDT


belletoile says

I refuse to put something like that in my profile (that, and there's a picture of me in my banner), mostly because people are creative, no matter the colour of their skin. I, personally, am okay being who I am, and I'm okay with my best friend being who she is (and she's the one who incites jokes about herself being black and liking fried chicken).

The point is, yes, I find it a turn-off, too.

Posted at 2:25am Jul 20, 2007 EDT

I agree, the only time I think the race thing would be interesting is if the person was from a certain tribe of Indian, like Navajo or Cherokee.

Posted at 2:26am Jul 20, 2007 EDT

maybe she was filling it out like one would fill out a personal ad, without realizing?

Posted at 2:27am Jul 20, 2007 EDT

belletoile says

Off topic: van, you're a history major, too? Awesome. *grin*

Posted at 2:28am Jul 20, 2007 EDT

that is very odd...

Posted at 2:31am Jul 20, 2007 EDT

jelene says

Yes, I agree... I don't understand why they had to state race as the first thing after "Hi"

It doesn't make any difference to me what color your skin is... and don't crack jokes like your friend did. Why do people do that? It's the 21st century people. Com'mon?

Posted at 2:31am Jul 20, 2007 EDT

jewelera says

I feel sick/sad/angry, when I see or hear about those kinda people!

Posted at 2:34am Jul 20, 2007 EDT

BetaBitch says

It is a bit weird. It could just be an automatic thing like TattooAnnie suggests - I mean no-one blinks at seeing SWF etc in an ad.

But it does have a bit of a 'gun-laden religious nut white supremacist' vibe to it. Probably completely wrongly. But without knowing for sure, I still wouldn't buy, however unfairly.

Posted at 2:37am Jul 20, 2007 EDT

BetaBitch says

oops, aren't we calling out. darn, it's hard not to get caught out sometimes.

but it's an interesting issue.

Posted at 2:39am Jul 20, 2007 EDT