mom with bi-polar disorder

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Original Post

mizzzmetro says

My head is totally spinning today all thanks to the phone conversation that I just had with my mom.

A bit of background --- My mom was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was 9. All my life, I have dealt with a mother who will be very pleasant to deal with for a few months, and then all of a sudden will have an episode where she becomes absolutely OBSESSED with ridiculous things and flies off the handle when my younger sister (who is 26) and I don't understand why she is being so obsessive.

For instance, I just got off the phone with her today and she ALREADY asked me when my sister, Emily, and I would be coming home for Christmas. (We live six hours away.) I began explaining to her that it is only July 21st and because of our work schedules, we have to wait until around the end of October to request off vacation days for the holidays. She pretty much went nuts, accusing me of saying that I wasn't going to bother to come home and TOLD MY FATHER this. She always puts words in my mouth and lies to family when she has one of these "episodes". She was also obsessing over one minor little comment that one of our relatives said to her that she took offense to, but when she told me what the comment was it didn't sound offensive to me at all. She also accused me of not ever telling her when my moving date into my new apartment is (it is August 5th and I told them last week) and said that I told her in June that I wasn't going to move after my birthday (which is 8/14), which I never did because I never would have being that my fiance and I had not even been close to finding an apartment in June.

UGH! It is really frustrating --- the lack of listening on her part, the obsessing, the fabricting of stories and lying.

So my question to all of you out there is this: Do you have any friends or family members in your life who suffer from a mental disorder? How do you deal with it?

Posted at 2:35pm Jul 21, 2007 EDT


mizzzmetro says

"My mom was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was 9."

WHOOPS!!! I meant she was diagnosed when *I* was 9.

Posted at 2:38pm Jul 21, 2007 EDT

jujuw says

my mom also had it and growing up with it was very difficult...she's no longer here...i have no words of wisdom on the subject but can empathize with and will hold you both in my prayers....any time you feel you need to unload, my shoulder's are very strong

Posted at 2:39pm Jul 21, 2007 EDT

mizzzmetro says

Thank you so much. I really feel that as I get older I need to go to some sort of support group for this because of the mental and emotional strain that her behavior puts on me. It is the ONLY THING in my life that I absolutely cannot deal with.

Posted at 2:40pm Jul 21, 2007 EDT

fineartist says

is your mom taking her meds?

Posted at 2:41pm Jul 21, 2007 EDT

yes! my sister has 2 personality disorders and she is pretty obssessive! also my daughter is autistic and she is also obsessive and a complete drama queen!

Posted at 2:41pm Jul 21, 2007 EDT

ldobbin says

My dad is Bipolar. he "ran away" alot. I'm 40 now. The last time he ran away (5 years ago) me and my aunt let him go. We could no longer turn our lives upside down any more.

Posted at 2:42pm Jul 21, 2007 EDT

I have a bi-polar Mom. I moved 3000 miles away and limit my contact with her as much as possible.

I know that sounds harsh, but she makes me emotionally ill and if I want to survive as me, I need to live my life on my own. I got tired of being taken advantage of and I didn't want to ruin my marriage over her problems invading our lives.

Posted at 2:43pm Jul 21, 2007 EDT

Its definately hard and even harder when others don't understand so you never explain to anyone because you get the blank looks.

Posted at 2:43pm Jul 21, 2007 EDT

My son and brother have brother refuses to take meds and a not someone anyone wants to deal son who is 19 has been on meds since he was 14 does very well,when we have messed with his meds,is when we have trouble,but he is a total doll! I know it is hard to deal with,but you have to remember it is the illness talking and not her...I suspect she is either not taking her meds or not on the right's difficult balance to find and maintain the right meds!
If you take anything she says or does personally you are in a battle you will never win...acceptance and education is the key to learning to live with and love someone with bipolar!!

Posted at 2:43pm Jul 21, 2007 EDT